Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Unicorn Heaven.

There is a new gacha event starting tomorrow and its filled with fantastic goodies.  Unicorns, ponies, froggies, crowns and so much more are being showcased at Woodland Treasures Gacha Event.  When I saw this unicorn necklace  from ~ Kawaii ~ I actually squealed!  It's officially one of my favorite gachas of all time, which speaks volumes since I am a gacha addict as most of you know.  Woodland Treasures Gacha Event is a new monthly themed event that you don't want to miss.  Only one more day to go til the opening!  See you there...

~ Kawaii ~ Rainbow Unicorn Necklace
Comes in Adult & Toddleedoo Size
$50L per Play.

                                                                                                                  xoxo Glo

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bound To Please

Tomorrow is the opening of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival featuring oodles and oodles of fantasy and role play gacha items.  No matter what your type of fantasy and role play style, you are bound to find something to suit your fancy.  Mens items are always harder to find but you guys won't be left out at this carnival.   TIAR is featuring clothing for both women & men and even a pillow set while RACK Poses has some fantastic chained poses (chains included) and rare couples poses.  Make sure to head over to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival for these goodies & so many more.  See you there!

Dave is wearing the Tiar Man jacket
Glo is displaying RACK Poses - In Chains Pose 3
RACK Poses In Chains Pose Set
6 Common. 2 Rare (couples)
 Tiar Man jacket Gacha
6 Common.  2 Rare
$25L per Play.

These items are NEW & available at the Fantasy Gacha Canival
Opening July 31st, 2013.
                                                                                                              xoxo Glo

Despicable Us

Banaaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaa... erm i mean...

Hello Gacha Fellas and Fellalinas...

today Glo and me presents some MINION stuff... how awesome is that...

Bubblefish just released a cute T-shirt Gacha... with the adorable Agnes saying...

It's so fluffy. i'm gonna die...

8 commons, 1 Rare and 1 secret which i wear in the pic...but you can't see...cuz yaaaa 
know...its a secret...

and you can get them HERE:  

and also new this cute Unicorn Plushie... ya know its soooooooooooo fluffy
7 commons and one Rare.. so so cute...

you get them HERE:  


The Woodlands Treasures Gacha Event is almost here.  This gacha wonderland is filled with whimsical wonders like the Unicorn Dreams Headband from RazzBerry Inc & the Flutteryby Wings from {PipSqueaKs!}.  Leave it to this adorable mother and daughter team to create items that perfectly suit each other.  Unicorns & butterflies...heaven!

Woodlands Treasures opens on the first of the month, so get your gacha arms ready to play!  See you in the Woodlands.

Woodland Treasures Gacha Event.  August 1st, 2013.
 Shown in Photo:
{PiP} Flutteryby Wings Rose
{PiP} Flutteryby Wings Mint
(wings come with resizer and glow options)
[RI] Unicorn Dreams Headband (Pink)
[RI] Unicorn Dreams Headband (Purple-Black)

[RI] Unicorn Dreams Headband in White
4 Common.  2 Rare.
[RI] Unicorn Dreams Headband in Black
4 Common.  2 Rare.
                                                                                                                   xoxo Glo

The dragons are coming.

The dragons are coming... to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  May's Soul is debuting her Lady Dragon gacha machine on Julyt 31st.  A big thanks to Sue Andretti for sharing this gacha PREVIEW and photos of her showcasing this brand new fantasy gacha.  The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is opening soon and loaded with fantasy and role play goodies for both men and women.  See you at the carnival!


May's Soul Lady Dragon Gacha
9 Common.  1 Rare
Seen on photos: Lady Dragon Orchid red (top left)
Lady Dragon rare (top right)
Lady Dragon Rose blue (bottom left)
Lady Dragon Ivy red (bottom right)
These are available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Opening July 31st.
                                                                                                                       xoxo Glo & Sue

Fasten your seat belts!

Get ready for some gacha magic at the Woodland Treasures Gacha Event.  This event is right up my alley and what makes gacha so addictively fun.  Woodland Treasures Gacha Event is a monthly event geared for families and kids (of all ages) and full of SUPER CUTENESS!  I am so so excited about this one and here is why...
All gacha's are NEW RELEASES including <:*BoOgErS*:> Magic Carpet which is absolutely adorable.  Also, this magic carpet is MOD so you big kids and Moms & Dads don't have to miss out on the fun.  Zen Zarco, the creator of <:*BoOgErS*:> always makes amazing gacha items and they are always gender friendly, so noone is left out from flying up up & away.

Woodland Treasures opens on the first of the month, get ready for some great gacha fun!

 <:*BoOgErS*:> Magic Carpet Blue Green
<:*BoOgErS*:> Magic Carpet RARE
<:*BoOgErS*:> Magic Carpet Pink Green (with particles attached, particles come with each carpet)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Magic Carpet
8 Common.  1 Rare.
Opening on the 1st!
                                                                                                             xoxo Gacha Glo

Sunday, 28 July 2013


If you are into cell phones than you certainly know the great debate... Android or Apple?  My guy techie friends seriously FIGHT over this topic and I just try to stay out of it.  I just look for cute PINK cases and show them and avoid the great phone debate lol.  Luckily thanks to VCO, the perfect phone in Second Life has arrived.  Not only is it super cute but in a gacha machine!  Jackpot!  There is no debating...this phone is CUTE CUTE CUTE! 

I was a little excited winning the PINK Rare phone LOL. 
VCO - bunny phone (RARE3) (left and bottom right)
VCO - bunny phone (WM2)  (top right)

VCO - bunny phone gacha
10 common.  3 rare
$69L per Play

====>  VCO SHOP  <====

                                                                                                             xoxo Glo

Friday, 26 July 2013

Season of the Witch

Fantasy & Role Players are soon in for a huge treat.  The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is coming!  Cellar Door will be debuting a new line of products "Season of the Witch".  This gacha machine is a real steal at only $25L per play and loaded with fantastic fantasy fair.  Dresses, crowns, witch packs and arm/hand guards are all features in this machine.  Demo's are on sight so you can see the colors and check the fit, the dresses come in five mesh standard sizes. 
Start saving your shekels, the Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens on Wednesday, July 31st. 

 !CD Season of the Witch Dress & Witch Pack.

Cellar Door Season of the Witch Gacha
12 Common.  2 Rare.  1 Super Rare.
$25L per play.
Available @ the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
opening July 31st, 2013.
                                                                                               xoxo Glo

Show us your....rack!

If you haven't been to the Hello Titty Slots yet, its time!  Walk, run, crawl your way over, and yes this applies to you MEN too.  One of the best things about gacha items is that they are transferable, so guys you can go grab a few gifties for those special girls in your galaxy.  The Hello Titty Slots event is themed with implants in mind but they are not required to wear most of these sexy summer fashions.  This event is loaded with goodies and nothing is priced over $50L so its a great way to update your wardrobe without emptying your piggy bank.  Rack City is featuring these sizzling summer shirts which INCLUDE the little hot pants.  See you at the slots!

Shown in photo:
::Rack City:: Gacha 6 Pyscha Bright (top left)
::Rack City:: Gacha 7 Leopard Slex RARE (botton left)
::Rack City:: Gacha 3 GrafMe (right)
::Rack City:: Gacha
6 Common. 1 Rare
$50L per Play.
----> Hello Titty Slots <----
                                                                                 xoxo Glo

More Fantasy Gacha Carnival Goodies

We are getting closer to the opening of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival!  Only a few more days to go but here is another sneak peek of the gacha goodies being released at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Don't forget the doors open on Wednesday, July 31st.  Stay tuned for more fantasy and role play geared gacha items from this great event. More info including SLURL will be updated. 

Coming to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
[Freya] Femknight Outfit
.:GSpot:. Ancient Collar

[Freya] Femknight Outfit
(Mesh comes in 5 standard sizes)
13 Common.  2 Rare
Just $25L per Play.

.:GSpot:. Ancient Collars
**These collars are scripted RLV collars**
7 Common.  3 Rare.
Only $50L per Play.
The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens Wednesday July 31st 2013.
SLURL and more info will be made available @ opening.
                                                                                                                   xoxo Glo

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Glamour Geek

One of the things I love best about fashion in Second Life, is the ability to really make a style all your own.  Adding accessories can really just change an entire look and give you a unique style that is not only fun but FAB.  My style in SL fits these great gacha items to a T!  Glamourous geeky gacha guru Glo!   I love fashion and I love retro games and geeky stuff too.  Remember, your style is YOURS,  let your hair down and be proud to show it off.  Don't be afraid to make your style your own.  :D
These new ribbon tie's are a new item from [*.::&Y::.*] and available at the Okinawa Summer Festival and glam-tastic!  I love the mix of glam bows with the 'Geektastic' dresses that are new from {Capacious} and featured only at the Hello Titty Slots.  And... everyones always asking if implants are required and its a big NO.  You can wear these dresses without implants too.

 1. {Capacious} Geektastic Dress - Controller
[*.::&Y::.*] Ribbon Tie{J}
2.{Capacious} Geektastic Dress - Power
[*.::&Y::.*] Ribbon Tie{RARE}
3. {Capacious} Geektastic Dress - Star
[*.::&Y::.*] Ribbon Tie{RARE}

[*.::&Y::.*] Ribbon Ties
10 Common.  1 Rare.
$30L per Play.

{Capacious} Geektastic Mesh Dress
14 Commons
$50L per Play.
[*.::&Y::.*] Ribbon Tie  ---->  Okinawa Summer Festival <---
{Capacious} Geektastic Mesh Dress  ---->  Hello Titty Slots <----
                                                                                                               xoxo Glo

Little owls on a branch gacha

7 + 1 RARE super cute little owls on a branch all different colours and subtle glowing lights.
These are unbelievably cute and my cutie Glo is going to love them so go grab yours today.

---> GACHA ADDICTION FESTIVALS July theme A bed in the wheatfield <---

Hugs Dave 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Coming Soon!

For those of you gacha junkies, you already know about the Fantasy Gacha Carnival which is opening July 31st.  If you are new to this event, its one you won't want to miss out on.  This Carinval is  'The Greatest show NOT of earth'.  All gacha's at the Carnival are loaded with  UNIQUE, NEW fantasy gacha goodies that have not been available in stores.  Here is a sneak peek at one of the fantastic fantasy items you will soon be able to sink your teeth into.   Stay tuned to Gacha Goodies for more preview items and info about the Fantasy Gacha Carnival as it becomes available.  Start stashing your lindens, there are fantastic items to be found.

.:GSpot:. Headdress GACHA

10 Common.  3 Rare.
Cost per play will be available soon.
 .:GSpot:. Headdress GACHA machine making its debut soon only at the
Fantasy Gacha Carnival.
                                                                                                                      xoxo Glo

Summer Days

In this sizzling summer heat keeping cool is always a priority.  Not much better than hitting the beach with that special someone, a nice cocktail and a firecracker (ice pop)... yum yum & YUM!  Cocktails poses & ice pops are both gacha's debuting at the 2013 Food Fair which is happening now.  So get on your swimwear (we got ours at TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE, the tank also doubles as a beach coverup...cute!) and hit the nearest beach.  See you on the sand!

[SC] Say Cheese! ~Cheers!~  Gacha
4 Common (single poses) 1 Rare (couples pose)
$35l per Play.
Seen in photo : [SC] Say Cheese! ~Cheers!~ RARE

Grumble-Food Fair-Popsicle- Gacha
9 Common.
$15L per play.
Seen in photo: GG - Popsicles -10 red/white/blue

Clothes (not gacha's) new releases from TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE

---->  2013 Food Fair  <----

                                                                                                                  xoxo Glo & Dave

Bunnies N Bears Ooo my!

Super Cute Alert!! When Sue saw these adorable mesh avi's, of course we couldn't resist and HAD to run home and try them on.  These mesh avi's are available in two size's and the bunny AND bear heads and both included.  There is even a hoodie you can buy to dress your cute lil bear or bunny avatar. 

*N*KIGURUMI_MESH DOLL #2 (pink bear worn by Glo)
*N*KIGURUMI_MESH DOLL mini#14 (small red worn by Sue)

*N*KIGURUMI_MESH DOLL #2 (pink bear worn by Glo)
*N*KIGURUMI_MESH DOLL mini#14 (small red worn by Sue)
Photo by Sue Andretti :D

Kid Size: 12 Common.  1 Rare.  1 Secret
Tiny Size: 16 Common.
$50L per Play.
---->  *NAMINOKE*  <----
                                                                                                      xoxo Glo

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Mouthie Madness

My friend  & fellow blogger Sue Andretti,  found these gacha mouthie's & hair accessories that are just too cute not to share.  A huge thanks to Sue for a great gacha find and sending these fantastic photos of  her gacha goodies to share with us. All these goodies are from *Naminoke*,  which is loaded with gacha's literally falling from the ceiling.  

 *NAMINOKE* Candy in Spoon Gacha.
12 Commons. (4 kitty, 4 panda, 4 bunny)
$30L per Play

 HOOZUKI  Cherry Mouthies & Hair Accessories
15 Commons.
$30L per Play

*N* CherryBlossom Mouthie & Hair Accessories
7 mouth items, 6 head item + 1 secret
$30L per Play

---->  *Naminoke* <----
                                                                                                                xoxo Glo 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Food Frenzy

The 2013 Food Festival is in full swing.  Just beware, after you visit this event you will be starving after all the yummy food.  There are quite a few gacha machines at this event including these cute bento boxes from PopTart and the Yummy Bites Headbands. Nothing washing down sushi better than a ..... donut  (headband) :D.  The bento's are scripted with an eat option, a really nice added touch.  Grab your appetite and head over to the Food Festival for some delicious gacha gaming.

PS...If you played the bento machine in the first few hours and got a glitched no trans bento, just contact poptarrt to get a replacement.

:Sugar: Yummy Bites Headband {Cherry Bow}
{PopTart} Bento Box (Princess) Rare.  Bubblegum & Black Licorice

:Sugar: Yummy Bites Headbands
14 Common. 4 Rare.
$45L per Play.

{PopTart} Bento Boxes
8 Common.  4 Rare.
$75 per Play.

---->  2013 Food Festival <----

                                                                                                                      xoxo Glo

Boxers N' Bellies

There are so many great summer festivals and events in SL, it's been a shoppers paradise! Today is the opening of the Hello Titty Slots event which is  loaded with awesome summer clothes all $50L or less, a real deal!  This super cute pregnancy dress is one of the great finds. In 8 years I have never tried on a pregnancy dress and after seeing how cute this dress is, I am sorry I never tried one sooner.  It's just adorably cute!
I know you guys get the short end of the stick when it comes not only fashion but gacha machines in SL.  Now that Dave is back from his vacation, (which seemed like a lifetime!!!) more mens stuff will be featured for you.  The Boys of Summer festival is one event you don't want to miss and YES, has some great gachas including this one...
{W&R} Are You Lucky ? - Boxers
5 Common. 1 Rare.
$75L per Play.
 .:Tits Up:. Ready to Pop Dresses
8 Common.  3 Rare.
$50L per Play
(comes with implant appliers but NOT required to wear)

Dress: .:Tits Up:. Ready to Pop Snuggle RARE
{W&R} Are You Lucky ? - Boxer - M - Style 2
---->  Boys of Summer Festival  <----
----> Hello Titty Slots <----
                                                                                             xoxo Glo & Dave

Thursday, 18 July 2013

American Beauty

Gacha goodness strikes again thanks to Missy from American Bazaar.  Her new gacha machine features 3 different style shirts in 1 fun machine.  This gacha will be joining the Hello Titty Slots and one you won't want to miss.  Appliers are included and required for these sexy top.   See you at the slots!!

American Bazaar Gacha Tops
5 Common.  1 Rare.
$50L per Play.

Top Row Left to Right:  Fraise Top.  BonBon Top.  Pink Cami.
Bottom Row Left to Right: BonBon Cami.  Beige Top.  Bandeau Top RARE.

Hello Titty Slots opens Saturday July 20th @ 12pm
---->  Hello Titty Slots  <----

                                                                                                                              xoxo Glo

Gacha Who? Doctor Who!

Gacha Who?  Doctor Who!  PatchWork Heart's new Gallifreyan Dress gacha machine is making its debut and filled with adorable dresses.  Included is a Hud for multiple brands of breast implants and second Hud that allows the dress to be worn without any implants, so no one is left out.  Get your Doctor Who fix with these cute gacha dresses featured at the Hello Titty Slots even opening on Saturday.

PatchWork Heart Gallifreyan Dress Gacha
16 Commons.  4 Rares.
$50L per Play.

PWH Gallifreyan Dress Dalek Pink RARE
PWH Gallifreyan Dress Dalek Union Jack RARE
(worn with implants)

PWH Gallifreyan Dress Doctor 2
(worn with implants)

PWH Gallifreyan Dress Doctor 2
(worn without implants)

Glasses are also a gacha item.
{ by emi } Glasses 010 RARE

PatchWork Heart Dress is located @
---->  .Hello Titty Slots.  <----

                                                                                                         xoxo Glo

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Gacha ROCKS!

Gacha's are rockin' @ the Hello Titty Slot Event thanks to Tara from .::Pink Sugah::. 
One of my necessities in life, other than gacha --- is music.  I even had to install a music system in my bathroom, now getting my out of the bathtub is nearly impossible luls.  So needless to say, music & gacha together...heaven!  This gacha machine will make its debut at the Hello Titty Slots event opening Saturday July 20th @ 12pm.  Mesh shirt comes in 5 standard sizes and includes appliers for those with tata's.  Don't worry, you don't need to have implants to wear these shirts...
                 See you at the Hello Titty Slots!
.::Pink Sugah::. Hello Titty Gacha Mesh Music Tops
8 Common.  2 Rare
$50L per play.
.::Pink Sugah::. Hello Titty Slots - Rolling Stones - RARE
(worn with implants)

.::Pink Sugah::. Hello Titty Slots - The Beatles
(worn without implants)

.::Pink Sugah::. Hello Titty Gacha - The Sex Pistols
(worn with implants)
---->  .Hello Titty Slots.  <----
                                                                                              xoxo Glo