Saturday, 20 July 2013

Boxers N' Bellies

There are so many great summer festivals and events in SL, it's been a shoppers paradise! Today is the opening of the Hello Titty Slots event which is  loaded with awesome summer clothes all $50L or less, a real deal!  This super cute pregnancy dress is one of the great finds. In 8 years I have never tried on a pregnancy dress and after seeing how cute this dress is, I am sorry I never tried one sooner.  It's just adorably cute!
I know you guys get the short end of the stick when it comes not only fashion but gacha machines in SL.  Now that Dave is back from his vacation, (which seemed like a lifetime!!!) more mens stuff will be featured for you.  The Boys of Summer festival is one event you don't want to miss and YES, has some great gachas including this one...
{W&R} Are You Lucky ? - Boxers
5 Common. 1 Rare.
$75L per Play.
 .:Tits Up:. Ready to Pop Dresses
8 Common.  3 Rare.
$50L per Play
(comes with implant appliers but NOT required to wear)

Dress: .:Tits Up:. Ready to Pop Snuggle RARE
{W&R} Are You Lucky ? - Boxer - M - Style 2
---->  Boys of Summer Festival  <----
----> Hello Titty Slots <----
                                                                                             xoxo Glo & Dave

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