Saturday, 20 July 2013

Food Frenzy

The 2013 Food Festival is in full swing.  Just beware, after you visit this event you will be starving after all the yummy food.  There are quite a few gacha machines at this event including these cute bento boxes from PopTart and the Yummy Bites Headbands. Nothing washing down sushi better than a ..... donut  (headband) :D.  The bento's are scripted with an eat option, a really nice added touch.  Grab your appetite and head over to the Food Festival for some delicious gacha gaming.

PS...If you played the bento machine in the first few hours and got a glitched no trans bento, just contact poptarrt to get a replacement.

:Sugar: Yummy Bites Headband {Cherry Bow}
{PopTart} Bento Box (Princess) Rare.  Bubblegum & Black Licorice

:Sugar: Yummy Bites Headbands
14 Common. 4 Rare.
$45L per Play.

{PopTart} Bento Boxes
8 Common.  4 Rare.
$75 per Play.

---->  2013 Food Festival <----

                                                                                                                      xoxo Glo

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