Thursday, 18 July 2013

Gacha Who? Doctor Who!

Gacha Who?  Doctor Who!  PatchWork Heart's new Gallifreyan Dress gacha machine is making its debut and filled with adorable dresses.  Included is a Hud for multiple brands of breast implants and second Hud that allows the dress to be worn without any implants, so no one is left out.  Get your Doctor Who fix with these cute gacha dresses featured at the Hello Titty Slots even opening on Saturday.

PatchWork Heart Gallifreyan Dress Gacha
16 Commons.  4 Rares.
$50L per Play.

PWH Gallifreyan Dress Dalek Pink RARE
PWH Gallifreyan Dress Dalek Union Jack RARE
(worn with implants)

PWH Gallifreyan Dress Doctor 2
(worn with implants)

PWH Gallifreyan Dress Doctor 2
(worn without implants)

Glasses are also a gacha item.
{ by emi } Glasses 010 RARE

PatchWork Heart Dress is located @
---->  .Hello Titty Slots.  <----

                                                                                                         xoxo Glo

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