Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Glamour Geek

One of the things I love best about fashion in Second Life, is the ability to really make a style all your own.  Adding accessories can really just change an entire look and give you a unique style that is not only fun but FAB.  My style in SL fits these great gacha items to a T!  Glamourous geeky gacha guru Glo!   I love fashion and I love retro games and geeky stuff too.  Remember, your style is YOURS,  let your hair down and be proud to show it off.  Don't be afraid to make your style your own.  :D
These new ribbon tie's are a new item from [*.::&Y::.*] and available at the Okinawa Summer Festival and glam-tastic!  I love the mix of glam bows with the 'Geektastic' dresses that are new from {Capacious} and featured only at the Hello Titty Slots.  And... everyones always asking if implants are required and its a big NO.  You can wear these dresses without implants too.

 1. {Capacious} Geektastic Dress - Controller
[*.::&Y::.*] Ribbon Tie{J}
2.{Capacious} Geektastic Dress - Power
[*.::&Y::.*] Ribbon Tie{RARE}
3. {Capacious} Geektastic Dress - Star
[*.::&Y::.*] Ribbon Tie{RARE}

[*.::&Y::.*] Ribbon Ties
10 Common.  1 Rare.
$30L per Play.

{Capacious} Geektastic Mesh Dress
14 Commons
$50L per Play.
[*.::&Y::.*] Ribbon Tie  ---->  Okinawa Summer Festival <---
{Capacious} Geektastic Mesh Dress  ---->  Hello Titty Slots <----
                                                                                                               xoxo Glo


  1. Awesome pics! Thanks for blogging this. :D

  2. You're very welcome. Was a lot of fun, makes it easy when the things are so cute! xoxo