Saturday, 13 July 2013

Hats Off...

Hats off....hat ON.! While I was off shopping, I ran into Seolrin, the creator of PrettyMoonS.  Seolrin was kind enough to send me a few goodies including this cute hat which is found in... YES, a gacha machine!  Her gacha hat machine is the most loaded machine I have ever seen in SL, it holds 220 different designs!  ::kDm:: is also featuring a pendant gacha machine which is HALF OFF during the Okinawa Summer Festival,  just $15L.  Another great summer accessory that I haven't taken off since i got it, is the *BOOM* friendship bracelet.  So many fun colors and the rares are matching sets which are super cute!  These bracelet takes me back to my childhood when I used to make these bracelets for all my friends in elementary school.  So, if you are looking for a cute way to add some style to your avi, stop by these machine and try a spin.

!@!PrettyMS!@!Hot Issues from head to toe YoonA DDw-pretty
$40L per play.
220 commons!!

::kDm:: furoshiki pendant -6-
Only $15L per play during the Okinawa Festival
(After festival the price doubles)

*BOOM* Knit Friendship Bracelet (neon)
$25L per Play.
25 Common.  4 Rare.
These Bracelets were from The Arcade June Round.  I checked *BOOM* mainstore and didn't see them out yet but included a LM just incase you want to head there for other goodies.

                                                                                                                            xoxo Glo


  1. Awwwww thank you so much XD

    1. You're very welcome, look forward to seeing what you come out with next. :D