Wednesday, 10 July 2013

PREVIEW! Okinawa Summer Festival GACHA GREATNESS!

PREVIEW! Okinawa Summer Festival
Opening Japan time 2013.07.13
(About 16 hours before SL time, thanks Catya for figuring that out)

A big thanks to Minsxie who tipped me off  about the Okinawa Summer Festival which is loaded with gacha goodness.  Sorry to those who were in IM's with me when I landed and having to listen to me scream "OMG its gacha HEAVEN".  This festival is still setting up but has some great machines already which really helps since I have been coming down from the closing of The Arcade.  So I spent all my lindens and  ran home to start opening up the new goodies....  This festival will keep me posting for a few days at least so.... lets get started with these bikini's and drinks with i just love!

*.:Nostalgia:.* Frill bikini's  $50L per play
 (mesh comes in 5 sizes)
:poche summer drinks:
$10L per play.

*.:Nostalgia:.*   Frill bikini Pink
:poche summer drink Blue Hawaii

*.:Nostalgia:.*   Frill bikini Mint Flower
:poche summer drink  Rainbow

Both the *.:Nostalgia:.* bikini and the :poche summer drinks: are now out at the Okinawa Summer Festival which is OPENING SOON.
--->  Okinawa Summer Festival  <---  Remember the fair opens on the July12-ish SL time LOL.

                                                                                                    xoxo Glo

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