Friday, 26 July 2013

Show us your....rack!

If you haven't been to the Hello Titty Slots yet, its time!  Walk, run, crawl your way over, and yes this applies to you MEN too.  One of the best things about gacha items is that they are transferable, so guys you can go grab a few gifties for those special girls in your galaxy.  The Hello Titty Slots event is themed with implants in mind but they are not required to wear most of these sexy summer fashions.  This event is loaded with goodies and nothing is priced over $50L so its a great way to update your wardrobe without emptying your piggy bank.  Rack City is featuring these sizzling summer shirts which INCLUDE the little hot pants.  See you at the slots!

Shown in photo:
::Rack City:: Gacha 6 Pyscha Bright (top left)
::Rack City:: Gacha 7 Leopard Slex RARE (botton left)
::Rack City:: Gacha 3 GrafMe (right)
::Rack City:: Gacha
6 Common. 1 Rare
$50L per Play.
----> Hello Titty Slots <----
                                                                                 xoxo Glo

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