Monday, 15 July 2013

!Slumber Party!

Good friends.  Good Movies.  Good Music.  Good Times.  Not so much slumber but slumber parties sure are fun!  For those who know me, know I am into cutsie stuff and it doesnt get more cutsie than an old fashion slumber party.  Grab your jammies and toast necklaces and get jumping (on the nearest bed)!  Who says you have to go OUT to have fun? 

 (CM) Footie Pajamas (cow) XXSmall (Cracked Mirror)
(CM) Footie Pajamas (sprinkles) XXSmall (Cracked Mirror)
8 Common.  2 Rare.
$50L per Play.
*.::&Y::.* Toast Neclace04{Love Toast}
*.::&Y::.* Toast Neclace04{Egg Toast}
8 Common.  1 Rare
This machine is located at the Okinawa Summer Fesival.

                                                                                                       xoxo GLo

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