Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Start Your Engines

The race is on with these cute Racing Snails from Safari Kids.  A big thanks to Jhanelle for the heads up on this fun gacha machine, the next race you get a head start!   This gacha has not only inspired us to turn our homes into race tracks but to see the new movie Turbo...

Racing Snail Gacha from Safari Kids.
8 Common.  2 Rare.
$50L per play.
ZoZo falling behind...

Mustache's not included! sorry lols.

 Susi wins by a....tail!!

Zoieee - [HLR] Racing Snail - Blue
Glo - [HLR] Racing Snail - Pink
Susi - [HLR] Racing Snail - RARE Black
<:*BoOgErS*:> Soap Box Finish Line RARE
Your direct TP --->  Safari Kids Store.
Your direct Tp --->  BoOgErS.
                                                                                                            xoxo Glo

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