Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Chapter Four - july

The Chapter Four - July

 Essences $80L - 7 commons 1 Rare

 Sweet Leonard $40L per play.  10 common.

 Lunaricon  Gamer Girls Puffy Slippers $25L 
Lunaricon Gamer Girls Tights $30L per play.
14 common 7 rare (Aliens)

 Neo** Face Tattoo Heart to the Party $30L per play. 
11 common   1 rare (Lenka)
Neo**Knee Tattoo Band2 @$20L per play.
14 common    1 rare (summer flower)

NuDolu Portable de Matriochko $30 per play.
15 Common  2 Rare

*Ionic* Every Day is a new House.  $85L per play.
7 Common  1 Rare.

 Olive Dream Catchers $50L per play.  23 Common 2 Rare
Olive Mocchilla Bag $55L per play.  27 Common  3 Rare

Attic Owl BackPack $45L per play   8 Common  4 Rare.
Attic. Not so HipHop Cap.  $30L per play.  13 Common.  4 Rare.

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