Monday, 19 August 2013

Adore Decor

There's no place like home... Your home is your sanctuary, that one place that is truly yours, so show off your style with great decor accessories to really make it shine.  There are some fantastic home decor gacha machine's out which really are cuties.  Whether you are remodeling or looking to add a little fun to your home the even.flow rug-o-rama, moon mirror &  'Birds' art series by Ampersand Photography are sure to please.  Keep in mind the  'Birds' art series is ONLY available in August and then retired, so make sure to get there soon than later.

 even.flow rug-o-rama
11 Common.  2 Rare.
$35L per Play.

Moon Mirror Gacha by Ampersand Photography
8 Comon.  2 Rare
$25L per Play.

 'Birds' art series by Ampersand Photography
Limited Edition, only available in August.
6 Common.  2 Rare
$25L per Play.

                                                                                                              xoxo Glo

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