Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Gacha Milk?

Got....erm Gacha Milk? I was working on a milk inspired photo to share these super cute gacha milk items.  Flying Girls has a new machine out which is really cute milk bottles and cartons complete with sound animation for a mere $15L per play.  What better to partner with than *katat0nik* Milk Doll Gacha?  I just love these plushies and the matching necklaces are just ace (totally stealing Catya's catch phrase...♥ you Cat & huge congrats on your engagement)!
While working on the photo for this post I created a NEW FREE SHIRT to match the theme.  YAAAAY!  So, grab your milk goodies and pop over to the *Bubblefish* Shop @ Gachatopia for your very own *GACHA MILK?* mesh tee shirt.  You guys show so much love and support & after 8 years of being in SL I have truly made the most amazing gacha friends and appreciate you all.   Thanks always for your support & encouragement and putting up with my silly quirky self and all the blog support. You guys make my SL fun again.  ♥♥♥ 

*FG* milk bottle // strawberry
#36 *katat0nik* (sky) Strawberry Milk Doll
*Bubblefish* FREE Gacha Milk Mesh Tee

Flying Girls milk pack & bottle Gacha
8 Commons
$15L per Play.

 FREE *Bubblefish* Gacha Milk Mesh Tee

*katat0nik* Milk Doll Gacha
43 Commons
$35L per Play.

                                                                                                     XoXo Glo

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