Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hot Wings!

Hotpants & Wings....HOT WINGS!
Get ready to soar with Deviance Sidhe Wings, new at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival running now through August 21st.  These wings come in a huge assortment of colors to fit everyone's taste.  Not only are these mesh wings pretty but also scripted with resizer, 4 vein colors and animated on fly feature.  Lots of love went into these wings and just as much love will come from wearing them too.

!APHORISM! is also debuting a new release, original mesh, lace-up hotpants (shown below in black).  These sexy hotpants come in 5 standard mesh sizes and are a must have for your wardrobe.  Super sexy and super versatile with great detailing makes them one of those 'go to' items you just mix & match with everything.
 Grab your hotpants & wings @ the Fantasy Gacha Carinval. 

Deviance - Sidhe Wings - Unseelie RARE
Zoieee wearing: Deviance - Sidhe Wings - Bluebell
!APHORISM! HOTPANTS ( Original Mesh 5 standard sizes)
5 Common.  2 Rare
$75L per Play.
Deviance - Sidhe Wings -
13 Common.  4 Rare
$75L per Play

                                                                                                   xoxo Glo

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