Thursday, 15 August 2013


A big thanks to all of you who show me so much support and encouragement for this little gacha blog and letting me have a creative outlet.  I really love having a fun way to share great gacha finds and photos and have found such a wonderful group of friends through gacha & through Flickr.  Thank you all for your support, never under estimate how far a few kinds words go and I am truly shocked at how many people really seem to enjoy this blog.  ♥
Now...back to the goodies.  I had an evening of inventory sorting (blah!), blasting oldies and dancing around my house with my cat, I know I shouldn't be telling that but life is short! So sometimes you gotta just let loose.  I figured I would wind up making something retro due to the music but... instead....rainbow cuteness!  I can't resist cute, colorful, girly stuff and luckily the gacha creators keep coming out with NEW CUTENESS!  Loli, from ~ Kawaii ~ has a new gacha release which inspired this theme.  Her Pixel Art Heart Necklaces are truly labors of love.  They are made of oodles of mini prims that she pain stakingly textured and put together one by one!  Now that is someone who creates for the LOVE of creating which seems to be so rare anymore.  Loli officially has the patience of a saint... ok at least an SL saint! :D

Gacha Goodies in this photo...
~ Kawaii ~ Pixel Art Heart Necklace (Pastel Rainbow) RARE
*Bubblefish* Kawaii Happy Rainbow Mesh Shirt
A*S My Cartoon Crown _lime_
!Fappy. We love Gacha Ring. Piggy
~ Kawaii ~ Pixel Art Heart Necklace
7 Common.  2 Rare
*Bubblefish* Kawaii  Mesh Shirts
6 Common.  2 Rare. 1 Secret (its cute!)
$50L per Play
A*S (Anymore StOre) My Cartoon Crown 
9 Common.  4 Rare.
$50L per Play
 !Fappy. We love Gacha Ring Gachas
$55L per Play.
~ Kawaii ~ Pixel Art Heart Necklace & *Bubblefish* Kawaii Mesh Shirts
are both new releases available @ Gachatopia brand new sim
dedicated to ALL gacha...Ohhh M Geeee.
                                                                                       XOXO GLO

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  1. Thank you so much, yes they did take me quite a while, working on some more pixel stuff too ^^