Friday, 9 August 2013

Shoes Shoe & More Shoes

NEW SHOES! YAY! {Capacious} 'Summer Garden Clogs' &  LUNARICON  'Slip Ons' are new gacha shoe releases.  Lots of styles and patterns available and they are fantastic for gacha girls & gacha guys!  Finding male friendly gacha's is always a task,  Dave & I love finding items that we can post together and share with each other and YOU.  I wear shoes just like these summer clogs and these cute shorts from Traphouse Collective when i am in my garden.  I also have slip on's that I wear out boating almost identical to the Lunaricon shoes, so its fun to have them now in SL too.   You can never have too many shoes.  Happy Gacha'ing!

 Glo wearing {Capacious} Summer Garden Clogs & new mesh shorts from Traphouse Collective (not gacha).
Dave wearing // LUNARICON // - Slip Ons

{Capacious} Summer Garden Clogs Gacha Ad
12 Common.  1 Rare.
$50l per Play.
Machine located @ The Thrift Shop.

// LUNARICON // - Slip Ons
25 Common.  1 Rare
$30L per Play.
Machine located @ The Chapter Four.

{Capacious} Summer Garden Clogs  @ The Thrift Shop
                                                                                                            xoxo Glo & Dave   

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