Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Great Birthday Sleepover

So I have been busy planning Dave's birthday surprises and sent him to spend the night with our dear friend so I could decorate.  Dave & Zo have a love hate relationship but Dave packed his DECO Bolt Mesh Bag, put on his favorite *Bubblefish* Miyazaki Mesh Tee, grabbed his Nardcotix Puss Pillow and off he went.  All seemed well,  they roasted marshmallows, played their favorite tunes and got settled into  Zo's floorplan. sleepover tent...

                    Friends                                     Foe                       Puss Pillow to the rescue!

Apparently, there was a bit of a brawl over the last marshmallow which lead to a bit of a struggle outside the tent ...  I was called from my decorating to break up the fight, fortunately Zo had a guest bed complete with Super Mario Brother curtains (CUTE!!) where Dave curled up with his Puss Pillow and Zo hid out in the kichen all night...  
This morning Dave woke up to a feast of cakes thanks to Zo who stayed up baking birthday cakes ALL night, but Dave was so excited to get home to his presents that he didn't even notice all the cakes and ran home... Poor Zo.  
Happy Birthday Dave!! <3 <3 <3

<3 Birthday Decor YAY! <3

Ok, now for the gacha info.  These photo's weren't taken with blogging it in mind but since we love gacha so much there are pretty much always gacha goodies in every photo we take.  <3
*Bubblefish* Mens Miyazaki Mesh Tee
7 Common. 2 Rare
$50L per Play (includes 5 mesh sizes)
Located @ *Bubblefish* @ Gachatopia

floorplan. sleepover tent gacha 
10 Common.  3 Rare
$100L per Play

DECO -MESH BOLT Duffle Gatcha
9 Common.  1 Rare
$100L per Play
Located @ DECO Main Store.

Nardcotix Puss Pillow (RETIRED gacha)
                                                                                                                  XoXo Glo

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  1. Thanks so much baby I had a great birthday I love my puss pillows and boots ty ty ty ty and a lil thank you to Zozo too save me some cake.