Sunday, 25 August 2013

Timeless @ The 24

If you haven't been to The 24 event yet, run run run.  It's only a week long event but thanks to Sira, the creator of 1Hundred she can make your trip timeless with her Timeless Necklace.  Sira asked me to announce that due to an SL glitch, the machine was sending out no transfer necklaces, and if you played the machine and got a NO transfer version, just IM her (Sira Savira) for transfer version.  If you haven't played her machine yet, you are missing out.  Beautiful necklaces for only $35L, it's a great deal and they are beautiful and make fab gifties.  The 24 ends on the 31st and there is a gacha in EVERY store! OMGah!

1 Hundred. Timeless Necklace. Pink
4 Common.  2 Rare.
$35L per Play.
---->  The 24   <----
                                                                                                       xoxo Glo

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