Saturday, 3 August 2013

Ut Oh Dorothy.

It's a good thing Dorothy has her lion to cuddle, seems like something on the way to Oz has her scaaaaared.  Adore&Abhor Leo Lion gacha to the rescue!  Ghosts, goblins, monsters & scarecrows watch out!  This adorable lion plushie will keep you safe and content no matter what meanie is after you.  Follow the yellow brick road to the Zodiac to get one of these little lions for yourself.

Adore&Abhor +>A&A<+ Leo Lionies - Orange (seen in photo)
9 Common.  1 Rare.
$50L per Play.

(Outfit is from *DANIKA* DOROTHY: Playtoy of Oz.  Not a gacha item)
                                                                                           xoxo Glo


  1. Mmmm oh my Dorothy is it just me thats bad or are those cute lil white socks kinda nawty :p hehe love ya baby girl awesome picture my love x x x x

  2. lol, now we ALL know who is chasing poor little Dorothy....
    meep meep.