Monday, 30 September 2013

OMG its autumn

Fall is here and if you haven't fallen for the gacha madness yet..... it's time.  Oh My Gacha starts October 1st and loaded with amazing brand new gacha releases.  Here is a little sampling of some of the autumn themed new releases @ OMG.

.:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Skirt :: MOKA :: V.1
.ANATOMY. Neko nose & whiskers
[ iren ] OMG Hair_ombre_2
[*RD*]*Upside Candy Apple-Mickey-RARE*
Razor/// Venus Boots - Fire / GACHA

Poses : nani - autumn - from my heart #1 RARE (couples fence post)
Pose: nani - autumn - me and my pumpkin #7 (holding pumpkin)

Oh my Gacha @ The Jersey Shore opening October 1st, 2013

                                                                                                                             xoxo Glo

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Gacha Halloween

October is one of my favorite months due to HALLOWEEN!  I am so thrilled that this October is loaded with so many Halloween gacha items, its SPOOKTACULAR!  Here are a few of the amazing Halloween goodies coming to Oh My Gacha Event on October 1st which is located @ The Jersey Shore Sim. There are so many great designers in this event you simply don't want to miss it.  Snatch up your favorites Halloween goodies and spread some tricks & treats this October.

*Hair: [ iren ] OMG Hair_blond_2 -
*Shorts: [GJ] Gacha Junky - Monster Shorts -
*Socks: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Socks :: EDDY :: Striped Orange -
*Parasol: .:-CatniP-:. Skelly Parasol. Oh My Gacha
*Plushie on  Runway: *Bubblefish* PUMPKIN OMG Exclusive RARE - Oh My Gacha Event
* Apple on Runway: [*RD*]*Upside Candy Apple-Mickey-RARE*  Oh My Gacha
OMG - Oh My Gacha Opening October 1st, 2013
                                                                                                                XoXo Glo

Friday, 27 September 2013

Foxy Lady!

Anyone can be a FOXY LADY thanks to Candy Crunchers new Fox Hat.  These furry fox hats can be all yours as of October 1st, the opening day of Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  Candy Crunchers is a returning favorite to this event, her items are always unique and fab, this Halloween round is no different.  Her second gacha machine is AWESOME for Halloween so make sure you check it out and stay tuned for more previews. 


Opening October 1st.
                                                                                                            XoXo Glo

*Bubblefish* Zombies @ OMG

First preview of the new *Bubblefish* Zombie Nighties coming to OMG event.  Ghoulish & gastly zombie nighties!  12 total nighties are in this machine with a super cool Halloween Secret.   Zombie unicorns, kitties and even a chicken!  BAGAWK!!  These will be available at Oh My Gacha event @ The Jersey Shore opening October 1st.  There are seriously amazing gacha goodies at OMG, and lots are Halloween themed which I LOVE LOVE LOVE! You don't want to miss out on this one!

*Bubblefish* Zombie Nightie Gacha
3 Rare.  1 Secret. 8 Common.
$50L per Play.

OMG Gacha Event @ The Jersey Shore
Opening October 1st.
                                                                                              XoXo Glo

Thursday, 26 September 2013


Yasum has some amazing new mesh boots & sleeves coming to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  Lots of colors and the rare's include a HUD with options for colors &every detail including even the laces.  The texturing and detail work is seriously stunning and you know they are going to be a fantastic deal since they are gacha items.  From fantasy role play to everyday casual these new boots and sleeves are a favorite not to miss.  Only a few days until these Yasum goodies can be yours. The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens October 1st.  So many goodies it would be a crime to miss it!  See you there.


Yasum*MESH*Nicci's Steam Sleeves*GACHA*
Yasum*MESH*Nicci's Steam Boots*GACHA*

Yasum*MESH*Nicci's Steam Boots*GACHA*
Yasum*MESH*Nicci's Steam Sleeves*GACHA*

Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Opening October 1, 2013

                                                                                                                                  XoXo Glo

Dreaming of kitties

I am a HUGE cat lover so these {Capacious} Kitty Pillows are just to cute to pass up.  There are so many color options and kitties that have their tongues out too!  With so many kitty breeds available in this set you are sure to find one you love.  All they need is love and good home.  Go adopt one for yourself @ {Capacious}.

{Capacious} Kitty Pillow - Pink Solid (at) RARE

{Capacious} Kitty Pillow
$50L per Play.
                                                                                                                  xoxo Glo

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

"I'm Batgirl"

 "No, Boy Wonder. Im Batgirl! Youre no longer alone, Caped Crusaders."

No fear BatGirl is here to save the day...thanks to Apricot Paws new Belted Armbands coming to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween round.  Joining BatGirl is the infamous DustBunny! DustBunny is the lastest from [geek.].  He is one of the E_POX Puntie Imp Bot also making his big debut at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival opening October 1st.  From Halloween to fantasy this event is sure to have something to suit your fancy.  All brand new releases & all Gachas & lots of fun. 
Apricot Paws: FGC: Belted Armbands - Goth Batty RARE 
[geek.]/E_POX Puntie Imp Bot -Common DustBunny- 

Apricot Paws: FGC: Belted Armbands

Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Opening October 1. 2013
                                                                                                               XoXo Glo

Eleventh hour at Eleventh hour...

Hello Gacha Addicts and soon to be Gacha Addicts,

surely you already hear from the next big Gacha Event  "Fantasy Gacha Carnival" wich starts
at October 1st.

All mysterious and mystical.

One of the designers, who will be in that round is River Stromfield, Owner, Designer and 
Creator of The Eleventh Hour, which make awesome, detailed and unique Mesh Home Decor.

I had the pleasure and stole some minutes of his precious time for a little interview...

Thank you again River.

1. How long have you been involved with Fantasy Gacha Carnival and how did you get involved?

   River Stromfield: I have been involved since it started basically. I was asked by a friend of mine if i was interested in joining.

2. What was the inspiration for your NEW Wizard Cupboard gacha? 


  River Stromfield: Just wanted to do something different. last time i went more Gor fantasy than anything and I think that when ppl hear fantasy in sl Gor is the main focus so i wanted to do something a little different.


3. Do you play gachas? If so, what are your favorite kind of gacha's to play? Clothes, Fantasy, plushies, kinky stuff etc?

 River Stromfield: Ah yes i am addicted to them, I love the arcade. I won the photo contest for that last time. I wont lie I am a softy for the but this year the snowboard gear for RO was my main focus



4. I saw some of your non gacha stuff, and saw you are inspired by movies.... I am also a huge movie junky so curious what are you top 3 movies? and especially your favorite halloween movies?

 River Stromfield: hmmm dont really have halloween ones other than the classics, like the original Halloween as far as top movies...Fight club, Avatar, Alien



5. will you dress up this year for halloween... and when as what?

River Stromfield: probably not, im sure i will be working



6. Your furniture is fantastic and so well made, will you be doing any accessories in the future to match?

 River Stromfield: for the gacha items no, they will stay as they are no real ad ons. as far as other furniture i made its possible 

  with store releases just depends on what i feel like making.


7. You have one of the best put together avatars on the grid, any words of advice to the men out there on how to make a great avatar? :D 

River Stromfield: lol time....i didnt start out this way as no one does....just have to put time into it and spend lots of money on 

and thanks for the compliment.


8. most don't realize you are one hell of a photographer, would you be willing to collaborate on a photo with us??


 River Stromfield: maybe, depends on the picture



9. What does the future hold for River Stromfield & The Eleventh Hour? 


  River Stromfield: idk i take it as it comes....i am moving the mainstore to a different sim soon along with a new custom building,

and i will be opening a bdsm/very adult side to the Eleventh Hour toward the end of the year.


10. Music...Music... im a very big music geek...and i think music expresses a lot what you like and what is your tune of the day? 

River Stromfield: today....hmm dont know yet, havent turned on my tunes for the day...i have been feeling Tom Ford by Jay Z



I hope you all enjoyed the little interview like i did, and had a little view behind

the stage.


Be sure to check out the "Fantasy Gacha Carnival" to get some of River's Goodies, 

and also have a look at the mainstore.

>>>The Eleventh Hour Mainstore<<<


Monday, 23 September 2013

The Minions are Coming!

OMG! The minions are Oh My Gacha!  The first sneak peek of the *Bubblefish* Afro Minion they are all just so darn cute!  This one is a rare but there are LOTS of them and an EXCLUSIVE RARE that will only be available at the Oh My Gacha Event which opens on October 1st @ The Jersey Shore.  So cute!! More sneak peeks of these minions and other goodies will be coming so stay tuned!

*Bubblefish* Minion Madness Sneak Preview
More minion previews coming soon!

Oh My Gacha
Openinv October 1st @ The Jersey Shore
                                                                                                             XoXo Glo

Fallin' for Fantasy

Almost time! The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween round is almost here.  This event is seriously LOADED with gacha's and whats makes it really nice is that there are some great machines that you GUYS can play too.  Here are some previews of some of the items that will soon be released... October 1st. Yaaay!  I know you guys are dying to see the goods, so here are NEW releases from....
Apricot Paws:, [The Forge], [tea.s], *OAL*, & Pucca Firecaster's Creations
It is so much fun piecing together all these goodies and coming up with new looks!  I am thinking of doing a fun contest with some prizes so keep checking back for more previews & goodies.
Only a week to go, see you at the Carnival!
Glo wearing:
*OAL* Dory Black EPIC  Corset
[tea.s] Celestial Necklace - v2 - RARE
[The Forge] Toltec Headdress ULTRA RARE (Gold)

Dave is wearing:
PFC~The Hunter - Yeti RARE  (Pucca Firecaster's Creations)
 Apricot Paws - FGC: Pointy Paws: Black

 [tea.s] Celestial Cameo Necklace Gacha 

Apricot Paws: Pointy Paws Gacha

 [The Forge] Toltec Headpiece Gacha

*OAL* Dory Corset Gacha
Opening October 1st, 2013
                                                                                                          XoXo Glo

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Un voyage de rêve-A dreamy journey...

Hello Gachafellas and fellalinas,

Don't we all love vacation and seeing new places, 
and aren't we all excited in the night before it starts.

This Arcade is so full with adorable things, Tres Blah did a absolute awesome job, with their Bon Voyage Collection, all those little details.. mixed with the ubercutness of Schadenfreudes Chibis and Silentsparrows Pwnies..

Of course not to forget the Tee*fy Sleepkits with the adorable SheepieBunnies and Hat..

All Around simply très chic..

Those Items are avaible til the 30th of September at the Arcade.

50 per pull-2 Rares
 50 per pull-5 rares
 50 per pull- 3 rares
50 per pull-15 rares

Saturday, 21 September 2013


"There is no good and evil, there is only power..."
I am wizard hear me rawar! I have the wizard power thanks to all these amazing wizard gacha goodies coming to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  Make sure to hit up the new Hoggies scarf (multiple sizes included) & Wizarding gacha machines from ::A Touch Of Whimsy::.   The wizard props come with unique animations and the hat gives Harry Potter quotes on touch.   ... "Sharp of mind and quick of wit! A true Slytherin indeed!"  How cute is that??!! 
You just never know what each spell will bring.  This cute 'Dragg'in Dragon' popped right out of my magic hat.  These cute little guys by Decadent Courtesan Rivendale can be all yours as of October 1st.  These balloon dragging dragons aren't called dragging for nothing, hold on tight they literally lift you right off your feet.  Grab your couldrons, its going to be a spell of a time.

 ::ATOW:: Hoggies Closet Scarves Gacha
12 Commons.  4 Rares.  1 Secret Rare.
P.S. the secret rare is awesome so good luck!!
::ATOW:: The Hoggies Wizarding Set
Dragg'in Draggons by Decadent Courtesan Rivendale
Available @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival October 1st
                                                                                              XoXo Glo


A new gacha release 22769 ~ [femme] Lydia Leather corset, being released for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween round is going to leave you breathless.  Paco Pooley, the amazing creator behind 22769 - Casual Couture & bauwerk has some real treats coming to this event.  His talent and love of creating really show with the exquisite detailing on his original mesh creations.  Thanks Paco, not only for your creative creations but your inspiration. You set the bar in creating, dedication & just being super nice! YaaaaaY!
Stay tuned for more sneak previews of his other new items, they are not to be missed. 

22769 ~ [femme] Lydia Leather corset gacha

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween Round
Opening October 1, 2013
                                                                                                            XoXo Glo

Friday, 20 September 2013


Gotta LOVE the fall!   What other time can we dress like loons and scare little kids with spaghetti brains and peeled grapes for eyeball ? YaaaaaaaaY!   Your October can be a little more fun thanks to tea.s Brainz Headbands coming to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween round.  And who can pass up a monkey with a mustache???  These little monkey shoulder pets are new from ~Kawaii~ and only $25L per play @Heritage Garden Gacha Event.  They may not be spooky but too cute to pass up.

[tea.s] Stitched Brainz Headband 
Coming October 1st to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

~ Kawaii ~ Monkey Shoulder Buddies-
only $25L per Play.
Available @ Heritage Garden Gacha Event now.

You guys are asking about the dress so here is the low down (not a gacha).
+ gash + walk of shame dress available @ The Jersey Shore Sim.
Dress is on special THIS WEEKEND for GFW so get it quick. :D

                                                                                                               XoXo Glo

Dreaming of gacha

After my teeth are  brushed, my bedtime story read...up to Chapter Four... time to be tucked nicely into bed.  Visions of gacha dance in my head.... I dream of you.  You are the last thing I see before sleep and first thing I see when I wake. Ok..okies... well in SL at least thanks to these amazing home decor items that have made my bedroom super fab.  From amazing furniture like the *ionic* nostalgia gacha @ The Chapter Four to these adorable Intrigue nightlights from The Arcade make it easy to redecorate on a budget.  After all your house shopping why not grab a sweet (Milk Motion) word necklace? 

 *ionic* nostalgia #7
(Milk Motion) word necklace - truth - gold
Intrigue Co. - Novelty Nightlights: Rainbow - RARE

 *ionic* nostalgia gacha
Intrigue Co. Novelty Nightlights
Milk Motion Words Necklace/Ring Gacha
                                                                                                                  XoXo Glo

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fantasy Carnival is Coming!

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween edition is coming soon.  Here are some more sneak peeks at some of the amazing items coming your way.  *{Junbug}*  is debuting her NEW Snow Princess Set, lover her items they are great for all sorts of fantasy & RP dress up.  This is one of her two gacha's that will be at the event, the other was blogged earlier so make sure to check it out.  [Keystone] is presenting Catena Corona face chains, this machine is loaded with colors and several different styles they are very easy to modify for the perfect fit.  The Stringer Mausoleum is debuting Mummy Rot Eyes (Petite's available too) great for Halloween, vamps and fantasy costumes.  Fantasy Gacha Carnival is re-opening for the Halloween edition October 1st.  See you there!

Face Chains: [Keystone] Catena Corona - [Style 1] - Gold - RARE
*{Junbug}* Snow Princess Fur Tippet in Brown (RARE)
  *TSM* Mummy Rot Eyes - Rare - Toxic(Basic)

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween Edition
Opening October 1st, 2013
                                                                                                            XoXo Glo