Monday, 9 September 2013

Circus Sideshow

With so many gacha events going on, it's easy to miss some fantastic gacha goodies.  So, here are a few items that you don't want to miss from The Chapter Four & *PaperMoon*/AZE Gacha Fair. The Chapter Four opens it's doors on the 4th of each month and has some fantastic finds like the ASO! Painting Make up Gacha.  *Paper Moon* is in the Twisted Hunt hunt featuring this Carnival Sideshow Tent  prize & Mad Pea hunt which has a cute backpack prize you won't want to miss.  *Paper Moon* has set up a mini gacha fair featuring new gacha machines like these super cool carnival poster & feather earrings. These events are happening NOW so don't miss out on these great finds.

I know you guys are eying up my awesome new leggings  TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE which will be available @ THE LEGION PROJECT opening on September 14th.   So mark your calendar and make sure to check out The Legion Project too. 
Cheek Makeup: ASO! Paint Make Cheek 02
Eye Makeup"  ASO! Paint Make eye 06
Earrings: *pm* Carnival Feathers - Bright Rainbow - RARE
Posters: *Paper Moon* Carnival Posters
Tent: *pm* Carnival Sideshow Tent - Twisted Hunt PRIZE
Leggings: TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE- The Legion Project Preview

ASO! Painting Make up Gacha
8 Commons.
$30L per Play.

                                                                                    XoXo Glo

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