Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Eleventh hour at Eleventh hour...

Hello Gacha Addicts and soon to be Gacha Addicts,

surely you already hear from the next big Gacha Event  "Fantasy Gacha Carnival" wich starts
at October 1st.

All mysterious and mystical.

One of the designers, who will be in that round is River Stromfield, Owner, Designer and 
Creator of The Eleventh Hour, which make awesome, detailed and unique Mesh Home Decor.

I had the pleasure and stole some minutes of his precious time for a little interview...

Thank you again River.

1. How long have you been involved with Fantasy Gacha Carnival and how did you get involved?

   River Stromfield: I have been involved since it started basically. I was asked by a friend of mine if i was interested in joining.

2. What was the inspiration for your NEW Wizard Cupboard gacha? 


  River Stromfield: Just wanted to do something different. last time i went more Gor fantasy than anything and I think that when ppl hear fantasy in sl Gor is the main focus so i wanted to do something a little different.


3. Do you play gachas? If so, what are your favorite kind of gacha's to play? Clothes, Fantasy, plushies, kinky stuff etc?

 River Stromfield: Ah yes i am addicted to them, I love the arcade. I won the photo contest for that last time. I wont lie I am a softy for the plushies...lol but this year the snowboard gear for RO was my main focus



4. I saw some of your non gacha stuff, and saw you are inspired by movies.... I am also a huge movie junky so curious what are you top 3 movies? and especially your favorite halloween movies?

 River Stromfield: hmmm dont really have halloween ones other than the classics, like the original Halloween as far as top movies...Fight club, Avatar, Alien



5. will you dress up this year for halloween... and when as what?

River Stromfield: probably not, im sure i will be working



6. Your furniture is fantastic and so well made, will you be doing any accessories in the future to match?

 River Stromfield: for the gacha items no, they will stay as they are no real ad ons. as far as other furniture i made its possible 

  with store releases just depends on what i feel like making.


7. You have one of the best put together avatars on the grid, any words of advice to the men out there on how to make a great avatar? :D 

River Stromfield: lol time....i didnt start out this way as no one does....just have to put time into it and spend lots of money on clothes...lol 

and thanks for the compliment.


8. most don't realize you are one hell of a photographer, would you be willing to collaborate on a photo with us??


 River Stromfield: maybe, depends on the picture



9. What does the future hold for River Stromfield & The Eleventh Hour? 


  River Stromfield: idk i take it as it comes....i am moving the mainstore to a different sim soon along with a new custom building,

and i will be opening a bdsm/very adult side to the Eleventh Hour toward the end of the year.


10. Music...Music... im a very big music geek...and i think music expresses a lot what you like and what is your tune of the day? 

River Stromfield: today....hmm dont know yet, havent turned on my tunes for the day...i have been feeling Tom Ford by Jay Z



I hope you all enjoyed the little interview like i did, and had a little view behind

the stage.


Be sure to check out the "Fantasy Gacha Carnival" to get some of River's Goodies, 

and also have a look at the mainstore.

>>>The Eleventh Hour Mainstore<<<


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