Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Gacha Fun

Whether you are after fun and silly gacha finds like Curio Obscura Stackable Hairs or cute plushies like SilentSparrow Pwnies you are in luck!  With so many amazing gacha events and finds these days I find myself mostly doing all of my shopping through gachas.  'All gacha All the time' seems to be my new motto lol.  If you are a gacha nut like me, you MUST check out the Gachatopia sim.  It's a community for gacha including gacha themed events and even live auctions.  Always a blast, here are a few shots of the fun times at Gachatopia. The amazing auctioneer Neck proudly showing off her Curio Obscura Stackable Hairs...the cuckoo clock hair really cuckoos at each hour!  How fun is that!!??  Seems my cute Silent Sparrow Princess Pwnie was really into the bidding! I had to muzzle her to get her to stop bidding at the live auction.
The conga line was LOADED with gacha's from the new Arcade round to our all time favorites.  This event was "It's a Zoo" theme... such fun! How many zoo gacha items can you find?   

Neck the auctioneer displaying her Curio Obscura Stackable Hair.
Glo's SilentSparrow Pwnie bidding.
 Gachatopia Conga Line.
Curio Obscura Stackable Hairstyle Gacha
4 Common.  4 Rare.
$50L per Play

Silent Sparrow Pwnies
60 Common.  15 Rare
$50L per Play.
Available @ The Arcade September 2013.
                                                                                                         xoxo Glo

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