Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Plushies Gone Wild!

We all know the girls have gone wild but now so have the PLUSHIES!  It's a plushie paradise thanks to MIAMAI, not only are the new plushie avi's uber cute BUT you can hit up the clothing machine and dress them! ♥ C.U.T.E!♥ (Oh ya and clothes for the guys so those plushie guy lovers like Dave & Luke aren't left out,oops so sorry your plushie loving is no longer a secret).  ♥
We met up at Gachatopia for plushie madness & these fellow gacha junkies always come up with the craziest and coolest stuff.  Floorplan hot air balloons, *Bubblefish* fishies, even a Silent Sparrow Pwnie showed up.  Oh My GA...CHA Goodness!  Big thanks to you all for lots of laughs and a great time as always.  Special VIP thanks to Ami...I guess some plushies just hit it off lols.

MiaMai The Critters Society Plushies! (Avatars)

MiaMai The Critters Society PlushFash! (clothing)

Floorplan Hot Air Balloon Gacha

Silent Sparrow Pwnies
*Bubblefish* Plush Bubblefish
                                                                                             XoXo Glo


  1. OHMAHGAH! The things I miss when RL kidnaps me!

    1. Awww next time! You were missed and with us in gacha spirit.