Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Pwnies Act I

The September round of The Arcade is in full swing!  As always its complete Gacha Heaven! One of my first new addictions are the Pwnie's from ~silentsparrow~.  I have been a huge fan of her plushies and awesome creations for so long and these little guys are no exception.  I was drooling from the previews but they are even cuter once you see them.  So cute I have even a hard time getting rid of my doubles.  While I was sorting through all my new goodies I happened to place the Nylon Outfitters Tiki Mug Display Shelf next to some of the pwnies and it has now been turned into a Pwnie Tiki stage!!  So cute and when the pwnies need a break the Tiki Mugs are close by! 

Pwnie Tiki Stage!

~silentsparrow~.   Pwnies Gacha
60 Common.  15 Rare.
$50L per Play

Nylon Outfitters Tiki  Cocktail Mugs Gacha
15 Common.  2 Rare
$25L per Play.
                                                                                                          XoXo GLo

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