Friday, 20 September 2013


Gotta LOVE the fall!   What other time can we dress like loons and scare little kids with spaghetti brains and peeled grapes for eyeball ? YaaaaaaaaY!   Your October can be a little more fun thanks to tea.s Brainz Headbands coming to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween round.  And who can pass up a monkey with a mustache???  These little monkey shoulder pets are new from ~Kawaii~ and only $25L per play @Heritage Garden Gacha Event.  They may not be spooky but too cute to pass up.

[tea.s] Stitched Brainz Headband 
Coming October 1st to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

~ Kawaii ~ Monkey Shoulder Buddies-
only $25L per Play.
Available @ Heritage Garden Gacha Event now.

You guys are asking about the dress so here is the low down (not a gacha).
+ gash + walk of shame dress available @ The Jersey Shore Sim.
Dress is on special THIS WEEKEND for GFW so get it quick. :D

                                                                                                               XoXo Glo

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