Sunday, 22 September 2013

Un voyage de rêve-A dreamy journey...

Hello Gachafellas and fellalinas,

Don't we all love vacation and seeing new places, 
and aren't we all excited in the night before it starts.

This Arcade is so full with adorable things, Tres Blah did a absolute awesome job, with their Bon Voyage Collection, all those little details.. mixed with the ubercutness of Schadenfreudes Chibis and Silentsparrows Pwnies..

Of course not to forget the Tee*fy Sleepkits with the adorable SheepieBunnies and Hat..

All Around simply très chic..

Those Items are avaible til the 30th of September at the Arcade.

50 per pull-2 Rares
 50 per pull-5 rares
 50 per pull- 3 rares
50 per pull-15 rares


  1. awww so sweet. I am packing my suitcases with my pwnies and ready for vacation!