Saturday, 21 September 2013


"There is no good and evil, there is only power..."
I am wizard hear me rawar! I have the wizard power thanks to all these amazing wizard gacha goodies coming to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  Make sure to hit up the new Hoggies scarf (multiple sizes included) & Wizarding gacha machines from ::A Touch Of Whimsy::.   The wizard props come with unique animations and the hat gives Harry Potter quotes on touch.   ... "Sharp of mind and quick of wit! A true Slytherin indeed!"  How cute is that??!! 
You just never know what each spell will bring.  This cute 'Dragg'in Dragon' popped right out of my magic hat.  These cute little guys by Decadent Courtesan Rivendale can be all yours as of October 1st.  These balloon dragging dragons aren't called dragging for nothing, hold on tight they literally lift you right off your feet.  Grab your couldrons, its going to be a spell of a time.

 ::ATOW:: Hoggies Closet Scarves Gacha
12 Commons.  4 Rares.  1 Secret Rare.
P.S. the secret rare is awesome so good luck!!
::ATOW:: The Hoggies Wizarding Set
Dragg'in Draggons by Decadent Courtesan Rivendale
Available @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival October 1st
                                                                                              XoXo Glo

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