Monday, 28 October 2013

October Last Call!

October is coming to an end, booooooo...hissssssss.  It's one of my favorite months, nice weather, pumpkins, costumes, pretty colors, all the tourists leave but sadly this means all those great Halloween inspired events also go bye bye.  The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is soon gone so it's the last call for your favorite fantasy gacha machines.

[DBF] SLINK fingernails Halloween manicure RARE

Open until October 31st.  Get your goodies before they are gone.
                                                                                                    XoX Glo

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Enchantment....a new event opening November 1st.  This is a quarterly event, each round a fairytale is chosen and designers create exclusive event themed new releases.  Novembers theme is Grimm's Snow White and loaded with amazing exclusive items.  Here are a couple of sneak previews of some of the Enchantment goodies.  Maybe Snow White isn't as innocent as we all thought afterall....
Mirror Mirror on the wall....

Dress & Hair: -DRD- white as snow @ Enchantment
Vanity Poses -  Espejo Encantada [Boxed] @ Enchantment
Mask in Mirror:  DRD- f.o.d  Phantom  Gacha Item @ HorrorFest

Opening November 1st, 2013
                                                                                                         XoXo Glo

Friday, 25 October 2013

Witchy Woman

The big haunting holiday is almost here.  If you love Halloween like me, don't forget that most of these awesome Halloween inspired goodies will be gone soon.  I don't know about you but I love masks and headbands all year long, so its time to get them before they are gone gone gone.  Here are a few more ghoulish gacha goodies to pick up and add a that special finishing touch for your costume.

^v^DRBC^v^ DRI Ballet Leggings w/Charm - Creature Feat RARE
@ Death Row Island Halloween Gacha (note these are NO transfer once unpacked)
POMPOSITY - Studded Bow Tie w/ Skull - BLACK
[CIRCA] - "Fright Night" Macabre Ring - Wicked Spider RARE
@ Horrorfest (the spider legs move!)
[REJECT] Stealth Mask (gacha) - YELLOW
DDWx Broom (wear me) Sexy Lay
@ Pre-Release Gacha Garden

*Warning about Heart Homes & Aphrodite Machine@Death Row Island event, her machines were being sold for $25L at other events ($75L at others).  They were sold as non transfer for most of the event & ejected from two other Halloween events for poor business practice, be warned playing this machine. Hate seeing people get ripped off.   
                                                                                               Happy Haunting!  XoX Glo

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Queen of the web

'Tis the haunting season and well lets face it every outfit looks better with a crown!  Since it's Halloween the spider Queen is out & about passing out scrumptious spider cookies & candy rings to all the ghosts & goblins of Second Life.  Lucky for you, the gacha's @ Bitacaora Travel Fair are loaded with treats & some tricks for handing out to all your Halloween friends & even your foes. 

 :Diamante: Ring Pop Gacha - Purple Gacha @ Bitacora Travel Fair
Crown:  ANGGUN - Amira Q4 Gacha @ Bitacora Travel Fair
 *Bubblefish* SpiderO - Pumpkin RARE (plushie included) Gacha @ Bitacora Travel Fair
  ~PixyStix~ ::Webby:: Bodysuit PURPLE @  Pixy Stix Main Store ($150 not a gacha)

 ----->  Bitacora Travel Fair    <-----
                                                                                                                   XoXo Glo

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What did the fox Say?

If you haven't caught the fox craze yet.... you will now!  Creators all over the grid are foxxing up SL. 
From dances, sneaks, and home decor now you can tell everyone what the fox says.  Here are some great fox and Halloween gacha goodies that are too cute to pass up.
If you Still  don't know what the fox said.... check the alarm.  :D
[REZ by Jill] Animal Clocks - Fox (RARE)
Petit Coeur. Haunted House (RARE)
[REZ] Pixelverse Shoe Box - Fox Says (RARE)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Wooden Bus&Truck&Wooden Sedan Gacha Toys
~ Kawaii ~ Halloween Pixel Bracelet (see close up below)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Fox Bed (new release not a gacha)
1.  [REZ] Pixelverse Shoe Box - Fox Says (RARE) @ Tricky Treats Village
2.  [REZ by Jill] Animal Clocks - Fox (RARE) @ Tricky Treats Village
3.  <:*BoOgErS*:> Wooden Bus&Truck&Wooden Sedan @ <:*BoOgErS*:> Main Store
 Petit Coeur. Haunted House (RARE) @ Tricky Treats Village
4.  ~ Kawaii ~ Halloween Pixel Bracelet @ Tricky Treats Village

Tricky Treats Gacha Village Now Open
                                                                                                                   XoXo Glo

Not So Scary Ghosts

Ok, so I am totally in love with these little ghost costumes from Baby PieTricky Treats Gacha Village.  When I saw the sign they were only for child avi's, well I kicked and pouted and swore I would figure out a way to wear them anyway.  Presto! No magic needed, they fit! YAHOOOO!  I have been back and forth a dozen times trying to decide on my  Halloween costume, but not anymore!  Happy Haunting everyone and make sure to check out Tricky Treats Gacha Village, it's a fantastic event and all gacha's are only $25L.  I have to admit I have been spending LOADS of time there, another favorite is the JillyBean dances we broke out in a mass "What does the fox say?" dance Party!  Loads of fun @ Tricky Treats, don't miss it!

 Baby Pie @ Tricky Treats - Ghost Gachas
 {jillybean dancers} THE FOX - ylvis
(wearable plays song & dances)
                                                                                                     XoXo Glo

Gacha Gardens Pumpkin Patch

Gacha Garden's Pumpkin Patch is open and loaded with gacha goodness.  From super cute plushies, bouncy balls, clothes and lots more you want to definitely check out this event before the pumpkins are picked and made into pumpkin pie.  mmm pumpkin pie.....
Here are a few of the great gacha's found at Pre-Release Gacha Garden, all of the items are Halloween themed.  Catch the Halloween spirit and we will see you in the pumpkin patch. 

Glo:  FBD Bouncing hopper ball clown
Dave: FBD Bouncing hopper ball Gothic Rare
Glo: {ZOZ} Mouse Ears Diamonds - Grey RARE
Glo: ^v^DRBC^v^ Slam Dance Dress - Double Dots
FBD FireBird Design  Bouncing hopper ball
$50L per Play
Pre-Release Gacha Garden
Pumpkin Patch Edition
                                                                                                   XoXo Glo

Halloween Masks & creepy plushies

Halloween a time put on your masks [ContraptioN] Rabbisu Masks that is. From the amazing gacha machine found at Contraption Main Store  and then go check out the Halloween plushie gacha and many other cool items at Pre Release Gacha Garden I am holding the Frankie RARE plushie.

Thanks to Mrs Pumpkinhead and my cutie gloglo for posing with me *hugs*

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Spiders are CUTE???

Is there such a thing as a cute spider?  I never thought so until now.  *Bubblefish* has a new SpiderO' gacha with super cute spider plushies and mouthies.  These cute cookie spiders come as a 2 for 1, one is resizable to hold and othe other attaches to your mouth, great for Halloween goodies for you and your friends.  I never thought I would WANT to eat a spider, but these little guys are just too cute to pass up.  Spider yummmm LOL.  You can find them at the Bitacora Travel Fair, link below.  Happy Haunting!

 *Bubblefish* SpiderO - Fangs RARE (plushie & mouthie BOTH included)

*Bubblefish* SpiderO' Gacha
3 Rare.  8 Common.
$50L per play (Includes holding & Mouthie)

                                                                                                           XoXo Glo

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Pack Your Bags

Pack your bags and get ready to travel to The Bitacora Travel Fair opening Thursday October 17th.  Visit five scenic lands and shop til you drop with dozens of EXCLUSIVE fair items and complete with a gacha area.  This event has such an eclectic assortment of items and super creative items, you really don't want to miss it.  This event and its only open for two weeks, October17th-31st, so grab your passport & travel SL style. 
Here are a few more goodies coming to BTF, gacha and exclusives.

:: Axix :: TravelerRocker Special PosePack GIRL (pose & guitar case)
AUSHKA&CO-Mon Vintage Dress-Dark
D-Style/Latreia - Urban Sneakers
Mmm...Kay! Heart Flag Tattoo - United States (gacha item)
Serenity Style Cutie Piggy - Pink (gacha common includes 4 piggies)

 Mmm...Kay! Heart Flag Tattoo Gacha

Bitacora Travel Fair
October 17th-31st, 2013


Monday, 14 October 2013

geeks. unite.

Geeks unite at The Body Modification Expo.  Jada, the designer/owner of Geek has really been rolling out some great gacha machines lately including her latest release @ The Body Modification Expo. This fun set includes geeks unite passes (worn around the neck) & a geek magazine rare that dangles from the mouth.  While hitting up the Geeks Unite Gacha, be sure to check out BearKnuckles & Holey Hole new releases at fabulous prices.  See you there.

[geek.] Geeks Unite Pass -Pink/Yellow-
[geek.] Geeks Unite Mouffie -RARE-
Hooded Sweater- Coming Soon *Bubblefish*



Sunday, 13 October 2013


It's baaaaaaack!  Haunting season is here and you don't have to spend a fortune to look spooktacular, thanks to Legion's Fall Spooktacular.  The event is loaded with Halloween gacha goodies starting at just $25.  You will find everything you need to get yourself into the ghoulish season., from the dress to the hair thanks to our friends [mon ami], .nantes, [taketomi] & .:Gallus:.
Get your spook on @ Legions Fall Spooktacular.
.:Gallus:. Victim & Monster Poses ( non gacha)
.nantes creep collar - crow (gold) RARE (Gacha)
[mon ami] sinnaneun Halloween day Skirt *camo* (Gacha)
[taketomi]_Emiko_SuccubusBands[RARE]_DippuDye12 RARE (Gacha)

Legion's Fall Spooktacular
October 11-31st, 2013

Bitacora Travel Fair

Get ready to pack your bags & travel to the Bitacora Travel Fair.  This event opens on Thursday October 17th  featuring 5 travel destinations (Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania), where you will be able to explore, shop and takes pictures.  The event is loaded with gachas, event exclusive limited items and breathtaking scenery.  Here are a few sneak previews of a few of the items featured @ Bitacora Travel Fair. 

 House:  Serenity Style New Beach Cottage RARE (Gacha Item) LOW PRIM!!
Jacket:  Legal Insanity - Mika parka suede leather orange (Event Exclusive Item)
Necklace:  Luas Urban Style - Bitacora Necklace (Event Exclusive Item)
Pose:  MODEL POSES - Silvia (Available @ Event)
 House: Serenity Style New Beach Cottage RARE (Gacha Item)
Bitacora Travel Fair
October 17th- 31st 2013
SLURL will be added when event opens
                                                                                                     XoXo Glo

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Simply Spooktacular

Legions Fall Spooktacular Event is simply Spooktacular.  This event opens October 11th & filled with music events and amazing gacha and exclusive goodies.  Halloween sneakers, hats, clothes, hair & lots more, from some of your favorite stores including [taketomi], Broken Butterfly, 2:00 PM & [vershe].  If you are new to the gacha game, all gacha goodies are TRANSFER & great deals.  Why not make up a little Halloween goodie bag for your SL besties?  We love candy but OMG shoes, dresses & hair gifties! YAHOOO!!! 

Sneakers:  [vershe] T3 (CandyCorn) RARE (GACHA)
Goodie Bag:  Broken Butterfly -trick/treat bag Sassy Says RARE (GACHA)
Hair:  [taketomi]_Emiko_JackOLanternBands_Platinum01 (GACHA)
Dress:  2:00 PM. Halloween event Dress <Orange>

 Hair: [taketomi]_Emiko_JackOLanternBands_Platinum01 (GACHA)
Dress: 2:00 PM. Halloween event Dress <Orange>
Legion's Fall Spooktacular
October 11th- 31st, 2013
                                                                                                       XoXo Glo

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Dave & I fell in love with this new gacha release <Psycho78> Ladies Baggy Cargo Shorts.   Ok so Dave will probably kill me because I am outting him for wearing GIRLS shorts but what the heck, they are cool AND fit him too.  There is a little extra room in the hips when Dave wears them BUT it is CANDY SEASON, leaves him a little growing room hahaha.  All is fair in love and fashion right? :D
These cargo shorts come in all different styles, from halloween, camo, skulls and this rare punk version which is fab, we honestly like them ALL but since we are music junkies had to show off the punk version.  I spoke with Brody, the owner of  <Psycho78>   and some male shorts may be coming out in the near future....fingers crossed!  You can snatch up these goodies @ the Gachatopia sim, the parking meters along the street are ALL gacha machines YAY. 

<Psycho78> Ladies Baggy Cargo Shorts-Punk Patches RARE
Psycho 78 Ladies Mesh Cargo Pants
12 Common.  1 Rare.
$100L per Play.
                                                                                             XoXo Glo

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Since it's October, most of you are howling @ the moon and getting your Halloween grove on.  Thanks to this new release by  [geek.] you can not only howl but look  FAB doing it.  The [geek.] Recycled Hoodie is a hot new release @ the Fantasy Gacha Carnival which is now open YAHOO!  From fantasy, Gorean, Halloween & more, this event is chock full of gacha greatness.  One of my favorite things about this event is the creative original products, it really allows you to make your style truly your own.  Let your imagination run wild and all items are $75L or less! 

 [geek.] Recycled Hoodie - Common HimaLay Pak
                                                                                                             XoXo Glo

Monday, 7 October 2013

Legion's Fall Spooktacular

Feeling Halloweenish Yet? October 11th the Legion's Fall Spooktacular opens and is bringing lots of brand new items your way including .... yes you guessed it.... GACHAS!  To kick off the event October 11th, 12th & 13th, will have music events with some of the best DJ's in Second Life ( DJ list below).  Here is a sneak peek of the new gacha from ::LEONARD::, cute Halloween Tulle Hats & a Halloween Yummi bag.  Lots more previews and goodies to come. 

::LEONARD:: Tulle Hat " Halloween" -black-

 DJ Set List

Legion's Fall Spooktacular
Opening October 11th, 2013.
                                                                                                    XoXo Glo

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Queen of Fantasy

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is open and in full swing featuring fantasy, roleplay and haunting gacha goodies.  Now you truly can be the queen of the throne with these new releases from [The Forge], Ferocious, OrsiniSun & The Library.  Whatever your fantasy may be, the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is sure to have something to make your fantasy your SL reality. 

 [The Forge] Toltec Headdress ULTRA RARE (Bronze)
Ferocious - Gold-Silver Dina Charm Arm Band (Left arm)
OrsiniSun Paradise Bracelet Neon Fucsia Rar (Right arm)
 .~The Library~. Antigone - Teal RARE (dress)
Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Open until October 31st

[The Forge] Toltec Headdress

Essential Accessories

If you are looking for some great accessories, Oh My Gacha Event has some fantastic and super creative jewelry goodies that are just too cute to pass up.  Squishy PolkaDots has released mushie rings, .Pekka. My Little Bow Rings, & cameo necklaces from ~Common Cents~.  All new & all at OMG until October 31st. It's amazing how a few awesome accessories can really recreate YOUR style.

**this post has been edited, The Chocolate candy bar from Precious @ The Candy Fair is non transfer so info has been removed from this post. 

.Pekka. My Little Bow Ring - Glitter Black -Rezz Me- ULTRA RARE - @ OMG
Squishy PolkaDots - Mushie Gacha Ring princess - Rare - @ OMG
~Common Cents~ Cut-Off Cameo Necklace - @ OMG

Squishy PolkaDots - Mushie Gacha Ring
$25L per Play

                                                                                                                 XoXo Glo

Thursday, 3 October 2013

!Candy Fair!

For everyone with a sweet tooth...the Candy Fair is here!  The Candy Fair is opening October 4th and filled with all the sweetest treats you could ever want.  We couldn't ask for a better time with Halloween right around the corner. You can stock up on all these sweet treats for all the kids and those kids at heart.  Here are a few of the goodies coming to The Candy Fair from <:*BoOgErS*:>, tea.s & ~Kawaii~.  All the candy @ The Candy Fair is calorie free so no guilt!

<:*BoOgErS*:> Sour Gummy Strip Mouth Razzberry (gacha item)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Watermelon Pop RARE (gacha item) 
<:*BoOgErS*:> Candy Counter (Candy Fair Exclusive non gacha)
PILOT - Candy Bar [Candy Sign] (The Arcade September, 2013)
~ Kawaii ~ Candy Horns (Candy Corn) RARE
[tea.s] Lollipop Ring - Bubblegum

                                                                                                                                         XoXo Glo