Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Gacha Gardens Pumpkin Patch

Gacha Garden's Pumpkin Patch is open and loaded with gacha goodness.  From super cute plushies, bouncy balls, clothes and lots more you want to definitely check out this event before the pumpkins are picked and made into pumpkin pie.  mmm pumpkin pie.....
Here are a few of the great gacha's found at Pre-Release Gacha Garden, all of the items are Halloween themed.  Catch the Halloween spirit and we will see you in the pumpkin patch. 

Glo:  FBD Bouncing hopper ball clown
Dave: FBD Bouncing hopper ball Gothic Rare
Glo: {ZOZ} Mouse Ears Diamonds - Grey RARE
Glo: ^v^DRBC^v^ Slam Dance Dress - Double Dots
FBD FireBird Design  Bouncing hopper ball
$50L per Play
Pre-Release Gacha Garden
Pumpkin Patch Edition
                                                                                                   XoXo Glo

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