Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Not So Scary Ghosts

Ok, so I am totally in love with these little ghost costumes from Baby PieTricky Treats Gacha Village.  When I saw the sign they were only for child avi's, well I kicked and pouted and swore I would figure out a way to wear them anyway.  Presto! No magic needed, they fit! YAHOOOO!  I have been back and forth a dozen times trying to decide on my  Halloween costume, but not anymore!  Happy Haunting everyone and make sure to check out Tricky Treats Gacha Village, it's a fantastic event and all gacha's are only $25L.  I have to admit I have been spending LOADS of time there, another favorite is the JillyBean dances we broke out in a mass "What does the fox say?" dance Party!  Loads of fun @ Tricky Treats, don't miss it!

 Baby Pie @ Tricky Treats - Ghost Gachas
 {jillybean dancers} THE FOX - ylvis
(wearable plays song & dances)
                                                                                                     XoXo Glo

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