Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Dave & I fell in love with this new gacha release <Psycho78> Ladies Baggy Cargo Shorts.   Ok so Dave will probably kill me because I am outting him for wearing GIRLS shorts but what the heck, they are cool AND fit him too.  There is a little extra room in the hips when Dave wears them BUT it is CANDY SEASON, leaves him a little growing room hahaha.  All is fair in love and fashion right? :D
These cargo shorts come in all different styles, from halloween, camo, skulls and this rare punk version which is fab, we honestly like them ALL but since we are music junkies had to show off the punk version.  I spoke with Brody, the owner of  <Psycho78>   and some male shorts may be coming out in the near future....fingers crossed!  You can snatch up these goodies @ the Gachatopia sim, the parking meters along the street are ALL gacha machines YAY. 

<Psycho78> Ladies Baggy Cargo Shorts-Punk Patches RARE
Psycho 78 Ladies Mesh Cargo Pants
12 Common.  1 Rare.
$100L per Play.
                                                                                             XoXo Glo

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