Thursday, 17 October 2013

Spiders are CUTE???

Is there such a thing as a cute spider?  I never thought so until now.  *Bubblefish* has a new SpiderO' gacha with super cute spider plushies and mouthies.  These cute cookie spiders come as a 2 for 1, one is resizable to hold and othe other attaches to your mouth, great for Halloween goodies for you and your friends.  I never thought I would WANT to eat a spider, but these little guys are just too cute to pass up.  Spider yummmm LOL.  You can find them at the Bitacora Travel Fair, link below.  Happy Haunting!

 *Bubblefish* SpiderO - Fangs RARE (plushie & mouthie BOTH included)

*Bubblefish* SpiderO' Gacha
3 Rare.  8 Common.
$50L per play (Includes holding & Mouthie)

                                                                                                           XoXo Glo

1 comment:

  1. The spiders are not the only cuties in the picture :-p love you babe x