Tuesday, 19 November 2013

How to Relax...

Book vs  laptop…?
With the days getting shorter and the colder there is nothing better than hot bath & curling up into a warm bed for some rest & relaxation.  Now a days with all the technology it seems we curl up with our laptops instead of a good book.  No matter which you pick you can still look sexy doing it.  *Bubblefish* has a new lingerie set being released at the Hello Titty Slots Event with the perfect amound of sex appeal and cuteness all in one.  Not only do you get Lola Tango appliers but Phat Azz too and all for a mere $50L.  So grab some sexy *Bubblefish* lingerie and get cozy with your favorite story or game, I don't think I need to suggest Second Life? LOL.

*Bubblefish* Lingerie Gacha includes Lola Tango & Phat Azz Appliers
$50L per Play
3 Rare.  8 Commons.

Opening November 20th, 2013

                                                                                                                XoXo Glo

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