Monday, 4 November 2013

Rainbow Rocker

Good thing we never get tired of shopping, The Rockabilly Fashion Fair is here and filled with fashions for guys (lots of guys stuff!!) and gals.  This event had gacha's but they seem to have disappeared, hopefully they will be back soon but lots of exclusive fashion finds can be found.  One of  my favorite newer shops on the scene is [geek.] which has some really cool guitars @ TRFF that are just too fab to pass up.  They are true collectors items being that these guitars  have real signatures from some of the hottest designers in SL.  Such a fun & creative idea and only around for a short time.  The Geek signature guitar was my inspiration for  this latest photo, of course I couldn't just go rock chick, had to go rainbow rocker thanks to [::IMP TAIL::].  I recently jumped on the Phat Azz bandwagon, I just had to see what it was all about, so when I spotted a Phat Azz panty gacha machine with RAINBOW panties of course they HAD to be mine!  No matter what your style let it show from rainbow rocker to country cowpoke.
[geek.] Crazy Kids Guitar - Geek- Exclusive @ The Rockabilly Fashion Fair
[::IMP TAIL::] {Gatcha~ Baby panties-Rainbow} + PA appliers
@ KaTnipZ Wonderland  $40L per Play includes Phat Azz Appliers but can be worn without.

                                                                                                                    XoXo Glo

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