Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Water Lantern Charity Festival

A huge thumbs up to Superjaix, Kamelia Snowfield & all the others for coming together so quickly and organizing an amazing charitable event to benefit Typhoon Haiyan relief.  The Watern Lantern Festival donation boxes and sales from items will go straight to the Red Cross organization to help those who have fallen victim to Haiyan.  Some of the best creators in SL have come together and donating proceeds from this event to the typhoon victims and countries impacted by this tragedy. What this means for you... GUILT FREE SHOPPING!  Please come and support these amazing creators and amazing cause.  The Water Lantern Festival is loaded with gachas and amazing new releases and such a wonderful way to give a little back to those in need.  Every linden counts.  Make someones day a little brighter by SHOPPING @ The Water Lantern Festival. ♥

For those wanting to make an additional donation to the Red Cross please visit here.  Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund.

Floating candles: [ keke ] northern lights - (Gacha Item $75L per play)
Floating Teapots: Zenith Fashions =Z=Water Lantern Gacha ($55L per play)
// offbeat /// 2013 new look sweat bunny  * RARE * ( Gacha $80L per play)
Pose: ZZANG - YOU ARE A PIG! COUPLE POSE (comes with lantern)
Floating Fishies:  +Half-Deer+ Flowerhead Goldfish

Elephant:  / XIAJ / Elephant Vagabond (grey) (GACHA $20L per play)
[MotiAme] Leggings for WLF in Pink 
[MotiAme] Sweater for WLF in Black

                                                                                                XoXO GLo

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