Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sugar Plump Cuteness!

Oh my gosh,  TAMA has released another MUST have gacha!  Adorable Sugar Plump Avatars.  These little cuties are so fun and adorable you just can't miss out.  They come complete with an AO that is loaded with the cutest and funniest animations,  dances, muscle flexes, sits and more all for $50L per play.  Stock up for gifts, these avi's are just tons of fun. You can find these at the Holiday Sweets  & Treats Fair.  Good luck picking your favorite,  every time I tried on a different style it became my new favorite lol.

Sugar Plump Fairy Dalmatian (raspberry)

Tama Sugar Plump Fairy Avatar 
$50L per Play

                                                                                                                                            XoXo Glo

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