Wednesday, 15 January 2014

It's all in the hips

I only fell in the lake a *few* times until I mastered the hula hoop.  Luckily the swan only nibbled on  my toes.  For those who don't know... swans are VERY hungry this time of year, I saw one full on eatting away at a certain someone the other day.  Oddly enough, he didn't seem to mind it and was NOT racing outta the lake to escape, so this *someone* shall remain nameless out of privacy lols. Anyway, beware of swans in January & remember master the's all in the hips.

 *HolliPocket* Flutter By Wings-HotPink w/sparkle @ The Azz Show (Gacha)
- Pr!cK - KittyTuB PinkY  @ The Boobie Show (Gacha)
! ellemeno ! gym shorts - phat azz - baby @ ellemeno main shop (Gacha, worn on Cute Azz)

XoXo Glo

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