Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Soho Market has a great new sweater that really comes at a perfect time.  We all have know someone who can never be wrong,  can't ever admit fault and twists the truth to suit there needs, make sure to send them to the Soho Market to grab the "sorry" sweater fromVaLynch.  There comes a time when people need to look within themselves, when no one can stand being around you or you alienate person after person its time to dig deep within.  Instead of simply owning up to doing something hurtful instead they make statements like  "she will not allow herself to understand".  Self absorption and superiority are such bad traits, thinking about others really pays off.  A real person actually cares about others feelings not merely their own.  No one is too big to admit their flaws. and  people are more rare than a 'rare'.
VL~ Graphic Sweater-Sorry New @ Soho Market
VL~ Graphic Sweater-Geek New @ Soho Market
VL~Bella Boy Short Black New @ Soho Market
VL~Bella Boy Short Pink New @ Soho Market
-Luckie-[MESH] Nerdie Glasses Stars (Triple-yellow) Gacha @ Luckie Main Store
*MishMish* The Polar Sleepbag - White/Black New Gacha @ The Seasons Story

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  1. Thanks for the dig how very nice of you still as long as it makes you happy

    1. sorry but this post has nothing to do with you. Guilt much? Please move on and stop posting on here

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