Friday, 10 January 2014

That's All Folks

The Seasons Story re-opens today and well the season is ……COLD.  Although the lag and crowds are huge the shopping is fantastic and worth every crash.  I ended up getting a lot more than expected but here are a few of my favorite things so far.  This event is open until January 31st so incase you can't get in right away, don't worry….you have time.  More to come on this event too.

Wimey: The End of Winter Snowman @ The Seasons Story
VCO - POPO Lip tatto <baby pink> - (Gacha $69L per play.) @ The Seasons Story
NEO** Knee tattoo - puri puri 2 - only 4 you (Gacha $50L per play.) @ The Seasons Story
~Tableau Vivant~ Brickworks Hair - Cowl up -  @ The Seasons Story

XoXo Glo

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