Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The powers of plush

Ever wonder what your plushies are up to when they are left alone?  Looks like even plushies have to rock out every now and again.  After all, who doesn't love some great music?  Sadly, he needs MUCH more practice though, next time I think I will have to leave a voucher for some guitar lessons behind too.  :D

d-lab -panda02 with pose animation @ Main Store
ChiMia :: Canvas Print - The Bubble @ ChiaMia Marketplace
=Fashiowl Poses=Feel The Music - Microphone @ That Feeling Event
MyEelectrikGuitar.Una. BandaBeige @ That Feeling Event
Serenity Style-Things to do.... (chest with pillow) @ Serenity Style
DIGS - Klas Tallboy - Ash [MESH] Gacha @ DIGS Main Store
Culprit Verdigris Mission Lamp (mesh) @ Main Store
::Fabuleux:: ArtLight Cat @ Main Store

XoXo Glo

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