Sunday, 30 March 2014


Soon @ Love & War Gacha Event
[LDP] Knotted Tank Orange @ LDP Main Store
*T.Whore*- Vintage Jeans Part 2 Ed.Pink
*Bubblefish* Posed Pots Gacha (animated flowerpots)
$30L per Play
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Saturday, 29 March 2014


The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair is now open and filled with so many exclusives and specials you just can't miss it.  Loaded with leather, spikes and music themed items including a few gachas too. Here are some great gachas and event exclusives to check out.

Tabou Irresistible :: ::TI:: Fishnet Ripped Top+Tight _Aubergine (includes Appliers) NEW @ RAFF
Tabou Irresistible :: :TI:: Spiked Collar _Black_RARE GACHA NEW @ RAFF
Frogstar - Electric Shoulder Bag #14 NEW GACHA @ RAFF
{NanTra} Songbird 5 Animation & Mic Prop - NEW @ RAFF
The Hellish Diva [THD] Natural Lips NEW @ Marketplace

Frogstar Electric Should Bag Gacha

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Monday, 24 March 2014


~Blacklace~ Pippa: White Lace Vintage Set @ Blacklace
Frogstar - Rainy Day Clutch #16  @ The Feeling Event (thru March 15th)

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Casino Rock

The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair opens on March 29th.  Some of the preview items are starting to come out like this outfit & guitar from ::NS::   Lots of leather, spikes & rock inspired clothing and accessories makes this an event you don't want to miss.  Don't forget that we are in the final week of The Arcade, so make sure to stop in to get any last minute goodies before its too late like the 7 -  Marquees.

 NS::  Rock Outfit SOON @ Rock Attitude Fashion Fair
NS::  Like a Star (Mesh Guitar) SOON @ Rock Attitude Fashion Fair
7 - Casino Marquee March @ The Arcade
-{ZOZ}- Spring 2014 Silver Polish (Slinks)  Now @ Designer Circle

-{ZOZ}- Spring 2014 Silver Polish (Slinks)  Now @ Designer Circle 

Rock Attitude Fashion Fair
Opening March 29th 

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Fight

Watch out for the flying feathers...
 ! ellemeno! has  the cutest new gacha just released @ Luck of the Irish Fair.  Matching mesh undies for guys & girls,  lots of super cute designs and they are clutter free!  Instead of having all those sizes of mesh clogging up your inventory, a size HuD is included.  Just a great idea, simply click on the size you need and presto!  These are a must have for all you gacha couples out there and with so many designs there are some for everyone.

(photo by Sandro ♥ )
 ! ellemeno ! undies - womens - pegasus -
! ellemeno ! undies - mens - glasses - 

! ellemeno ! undies 

XoXo Glo


~AG~ANGGUN Spring Flower 2 Necklace -  NEW Gacha @ The Feeling
*PerveTTe* [Tattoo] Hope Rosary  NEW @ *PerveTTE* (comes in mens version too)
 junk. morrison leather chair. RARE New @ The Arcade 

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014


One of my favorite Arcade items this round is the [Commoner] Award Statuettes.  They are the perfect little gift to show those people that you care...or don't care (there are cynical awards too).  With the statues ranging from Best Husband to Best Hag there has to be at least one that is perfect for you to send to that special or not so special person on your mind.  Grab your best formal wear, like this new sexy gown from Miss Canning and have your very own awards show.  Don't forget to prepare your thank you speeches...  Thanks Juggs for the Best Blogger award! xox

:: Miss Canning :: [ Nathally Dress ] (lola appliers included. Fits Cute Azz)
[Commoner] Award Statuette / Occupational (Best Blogger) New @ The Arcade

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sun & Socks

Enjoying the sun today since tomorrow...more snow.  Shorts today, warm socks and snow tomorrow so why not mix the two.  After all March is all about crazy weather and I am a huge fan of striped socks all year round. \o/

! ellemeno ! stripey socks - colorful charcoal (with applier Phat Azz & Slink)
FBD Spring bracelet Prism silver R Rare NEW @ Feebs Spring Wishes Market
1 Hundred. Lace Bandeau. Strawberry @ 1 Hundred. Main Store
alterego I sock it to me shorts - black @ AlterEgo Main Store
-{ZOZ}- Solid Spring 2014 Polish (Slinks) NEW @ The Dressing Room

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Friday, 14 March 2014

Spring Feeling

Tomorrow (March 15th) a new round of The Feeling begins, this rounds theme is spring.  If you are not familiar with this event, it is a limited ten day event featuring  clothes, home decor, gachas and event exclusives.  Make sure to swing by and find some great spring inspired items from some great designers like this jacket  from Mag<3B. and new gacha release from Fashiowl <3.  
Who says you can't look sexy while gardening?  Grenade Free Weekend has this fantastic tattoo from *pervette* on special this weekend.   Collabor88 has these amazing Hucci heals and D2K is loaded with sexy fashions like these shorts that are a must have for mixing and matching. 

 =fashiowl = Feel The Spring  //  Watering 4  (pose&prop)  -NEW GACHA @ The Feeling
Mag<3.B Pink Jacket New @ The Feeling
D2K - Lara Shorts Black  @ D2K Main Shop
::HH:: Hucci Riverton Sandal Silver - WildPink New @ Collabor88
*PerveTTe*_Tattoo_Rosary_2  GFW Special @ The Jersey Shore

New Round March 15th

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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Here Fishy Fishy

This adorable TV fish tank is new from FBD and just to cute not to add to your home.  The TV tank is animated, fish swim and lots of bubbles.  Available in all different colors so you can be sure you can find one to match your decor.  Make sure to stop by the Pre-Release Gacha Garden before April 1st to pick one up for yourself.

FBD Kitty cat fish tank Leopard RARE

FBD Kitty Fish Tank Gacha
$50L per Play

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Brass Bunny

Watch out brass monkey...the brass bunny is here.  The MadPea Steampunk Gacha Fair opens on the 15th loaded with lots of steampunk goodies like these brass bunny goggles (& ears) from Absentia & steampunk light from RavenGhost .  Seems it's going to be a great shopping weekend because The Skin Fair also opens on the 14th featuring fantastic skins like this one from Dulce Secrets.   Get ready for some fantastic shopping! \o/

Absentia - Steampunk Alice - Goggles - White Rabbit - NEW March 15 @ MadPea Steampunk 
::DS:: Paola.Bisque.Bare (N) NEW March 14th @ The Skin Fair  Sim 1
Ravenghost Steampunk Steam Pendant Luminaire  NEW March 15th @ MadPea Steampunk

Absentia - Steampunk Alice March 15 @ MadPea Steampunk Event 

XoXo Glo


Make over your hands with these new gacha goodies @ the Luck of the Irish Gacha event. Cubic Cherry Kre-ations has these adorable original mesh floral rings & new Slink polishes from {ZOZ}-.
Don't forget your hands in SL deserve a nice spring manicure too. Luck of the Irish Event opens March 12th @ Noon SLT.

-{ZOZ}- Solid Stripe Soft Plum 2 - Fingernail Hud Single NEW @ Luck of the Irish Event
{Rose~ pink} original mesh ring .::C.C. Kre-ations::. NEW @ Luck of the Irish Event

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Monday, 10 March 2014

The Struggle

With so many gacha machines and events it's a real struggle of self control of which to play.  I am very proud to say that I have become much more selective and instead of playing ALL,  I am playing machines that are of high quality (the item and the creator as a human being).  Those that know me know that my addiction is pretty big(It would have to be having a gacha blog!).  I think that seeing such greed from people has helped me to be more selective.  (Yard sale owners who think they are doing renters a favor and have superiority complexes, creators setting odds to 1% to get a rare,  those who claim they can't afford to play and beg but have the rarest of rare items.)
 If you are one struggling with your gacha addiction you are not alone but remember there is a huge difference with playing for the fun of it and being a hoarder.  A good friend who is also a gacha addict shared her new philosophy and I thought it was worth sharing.  Before playing, ask yourself if you will USE the item instead of just playing because you like it.  
Now back to gacha's LOL, remember I am being selective not stopping, I love the fun of gacha and want to keep it fun not an addiction!  Here is a preview of the new *Bubblefish* leggings coming to the Mad Pea Steampunk Gacha Event opening on March 15th.  

*Bubblefish* Steampunk Leggings RARE  - (March 15th) @ Mad Pea Steampunk Gacha Event
[LDP] Knotted Tank Cream @ [LDP] L'Douce Push Main Store
.tsg. Bite Me Sweater - Black - NEW @ Whore Couture Fair 3

*Bubblefish* Steampunk Leggings

XoXo Glo

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Cute Caps

The Big Show is one of my favorite events, loaded with lots of sexy clothes, shoes & accessories.  While emptying my wallet on tons of new clothes I found this adorable gacha from Pr!ck.  Of course I had to play for the pinks but they are all just adorable so had to share.

Necklace:  - Pr!cK - FacE CapS { CUTY BOW} RARE - New @ The Big Show
<Toxic Bish> Bow Top PINK New @ Toxic Bish
TRUTH HAIR Lovers -  light blondes New @ Truth

XoXo Glo

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Please hold my duck

It's that time again...all the events are reopening and loaded with CUTENESS!  The Chapter Four & The Fantasy Room are events I can't ever miss and I bet you can't either once you see these new goodies. Cuteness Overload!

=fashiowl = Spring Stumps // Fireflies // RARE NEW @ Fantasy Room
{Kiku~ blossom} Staff on back .::C.C. Kre-ations:.. NEW @ Fantasy Room
Birdy/Alchemy - Spring Babes - Ducky - Butter  New @ The Chapter Four
*P.c* Eyeliner *Pink&Black* @ P h w ø a r Cøuture  
XoXo Glo

March Trade/Sale List

Short trade/Sale list.  Contact me in world if you are interested in a trade.  Thanks.

Rares Wanted: (I am only looking to trade for these items at this time thanks so much)
Erratic  Bar Cabinet
Milk Motion Dog Toy

Wanted Commons:
Balaclava commons
(I can't list all my commons but have lots of Zaara, Milk Motion, Pure Poison, & more just ask)

March Rares for Trade.
Pure Poison - Caterpillar Crocs - Purple & Pink - RARE
{B.C.C}YumYum Mochi Hamster Strawberry&Milk [Head] RARE
Birdy. Puggles {Sheep} [BOX] RARE
.Birdy. Puggles {Unicorn} [BOX] RARE
.Birdy. Puggly {Bunny} [BOX] RARE
{what next} Red Vacuum Cleaner (boxed) RARE
{what next} Pink Vacuum Cleaner (boxed) RARE
Sway's Pouf [Animal] Pig - bottom (Box) RARE
Sway's Pouf [Animal] Owl - top (Box) RARE & BOTTOM SET OF BOTH
[PM]Pixel Mode - THG - Potting Table RARE
::{u.f.o}::tea party with alice - purity alice coupon box RARE
::{u.f.o}::tea party with alice - murffin tray - RARE

I have many many rates & retired items from previous rounds, just listing a few.
!O: Humpty for Breakfast [Dorothy] RARE (Selling $15,000L) RETIRED
!O: Humpty for Breakfast [Squarepants] RARE (Selling $14,000L) RETIRED
!O: Humpty for Breakfast [Green] ($2000) RETIRED
!O: Humpty for Breakfast [Polka]($2000) RETIRED
!O: Humpty for Breakfast [PolkaPink]($2000) RETIRED
!O: Animal Spice Gatcha [MsZebra. Wasabi Powder] ($2400) RETIRED
!O: Animal Spice Gatcha [MrZebra. Sage] ($2400)   RETIRED
Tee*fy Food War Mania - Fries BowNArrow Set RARE  RETIRED ($1400)
The Sea Hole - Lorette (Mesh) Skirt - Chibi Bunny ($1200) RETIRED
The Sea Hole - Animated Fashion 5th - Matryoshka  ($1200) RETIRED
.Birdy. Pocket pet {Kitty} Grumpy [BOX] RARE ($500)
PILOT - Eiffel Tower BOX RARE
Schadenfreude Chibi Cat: Fortune Maneki neko RARE
AF Tolix Inspired Industrial Chair RARE
{af} Treats Platter RARE
{what next} Snowman Igloo (boxed) RARE
[theSkinnery] Maya 15(brows) RARE
/Wasabi Pills/ Kira Mesh Hair - Crystal violet - RARE

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


A new round of Pre-Release Gacha Garden opens on the 7th and this new necklace from Pomposity was the inspiration for this post.  His new 'worded heart necklace' gacha will be released and the *Bubblefish* heart bag (with pose) is just the perfect match (also new @ the event).  I fell in love with this vintage floral bodysuit from [LDP]L'Douce Push and so perfect for spring, if you haven't been to [LDP], it's a must. Lots of great clothes & appliers included.  \o/

POMPOSITY - Worded Heart Necklace - Loved March7th @ Pre-Release Gacha Garden
*Bubblefish* Heart Bag Pink RARE March7th @ Pre-Release (only $30L per play)
[LDP] L'Douce Push Sheer white floral pink Body @ Main Store

XoXo Glo

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Spring Cleaning

With this crazy cold snowy winter most of us are highly anticpating the arrival of spring.  Blooming flowers, warm weather but lets not forget with the arrival of spring comes spring cleaning.  I actually enjoy spring cleaning, this pink vacuum was at the top of my 'want list' from the new Arcade round, I managed to make a bigger mess than this cute vacuum can even handle.    All was well until I accidentally retexturing the floor of our house today OOPS!  I have to call in the big guns, this is one mess that Sandro will have to clean up, so sorry lol.  Lets hope he doesn't mind cleaning as well.

Serenity Style- My Spring Gatcha RARE - NEW @ Fantasy Room (opens March 5th)
{what next} Housekeepers Box Decor (cream) - New @ The Arcade
(what next} Pink Vacuum Cleaner - New @ The Arcade
{ViSion} - S&F - Dress Cute Walk - Pink New ! ViSion Main Store
Tameless Hair Honesty  New @ Tameless
XoXo Glo

Monday, 3 March 2014

Undercover @ The Arcade

Getting into The Arcade is not an easy thing, so I tried to camouflage myself and sneak myself in.  With so many great machines like Exile, ASO! &  S O R G O, its no wonder everyone wants IN.  Thankfully off-sim shopping is all set up now, so if you can't sneak into the pier try a neighboring sim and may all your gacha wants become your gacha reality.

ASO! Alphabet  Pochette (camouflage) G RARE - New @ The Arcade
Exile::Rain or Shine: 7. Light Blondes - New @ The Arcade
* S O R G O - Euros Stack 100e New @ The Arcade
D2K - Lara Shorts Black Camo @ D2K Main Shop

ASO! Alphabet  Pochette (camouflage)

XoXo Glo

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Giddy Up!

Culprit has out done themselves with this new Eku~ine gacha machine.  Amazing detailed horses & unicorns with loads of animations from sleeping to attack.   I am a huge fan of culprit toys & decor, always spot on with the fun animations and attention to detail.  There is a pose adjuster as well so avi's of all sizes can have a little fun.  Available now @ The Arcade.

Culprit Eku~ine Unicorn Snow

Culprit Eku-ine Gacha
$50L per play
8 common.  2 Rare

New @ The Arcade.

XoXo Glo

Saturday, 1 March 2014


The countdown has ended and The Arcade is now open.  Lots of great Arcade goodies coming your way.  Lets kick off the new round with these super cute pugs from Birdy.  Love at first sight!

.Birdy. Puggles {Unicorn} RARE
(photo by ♥ Sandro Fratica, see his work here)

.Birdy. Puggles
New @ The Arcade

XoXo  Glo