Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Spring Cleaning

With this crazy cold snowy winter most of us are highly anticpating the arrival of spring.  Blooming flowers, warm weather but lets not forget with the arrival of spring comes spring cleaning.  I actually enjoy spring cleaning, this pink vacuum was at the top of my 'want list' from the new Arcade round, I managed to make a bigger mess than this cute vacuum can even handle.    All was well until I accidentally retexturing the floor of our house today OOPS!  I have to call in the big guns, this is one mess that Sandro will have to clean up, so sorry lol.  Lets hope he doesn't mind cleaning as well.

Serenity Style- My Spring Gatcha RARE - NEW @ Fantasy Room (opens March 5th)
{what next} Housekeepers Box Decor (cream) - New @ The Arcade
(what next} Pink Vacuum Cleaner - New @ The Arcade
{ViSion} - S&F - Dress Cute Walk - Pink New ! ViSion Main Store
Tameless Hair Honesty  New @ Tameless
XoXo Glo

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