Monday, 10 March 2014

The Struggle

With so many gacha machines and events it's a real struggle of self control of which to play.  I am very proud to say that I have become much more selective and instead of playing ALL,  I am playing machines that are of high quality (the item and the creator as a human being).  Those that know me know that my addiction is pretty big(It would have to be having a gacha blog!).  I think that seeing such greed from people has helped me to be more selective.  (Yard sale owners who think they are doing renters a favor and have superiority complexes, creators setting odds to 1% to get a rare,  those who claim they can't afford to play and beg but have the rarest of rare items.)
 If you are one struggling with your gacha addiction you are not alone but remember there is a huge difference with playing for the fun of it and being a hoarder.  A good friend who is also a gacha addict shared her new philosophy and I thought it was worth sharing.  Before playing, ask yourself if you will USE the item instead of just playing because you like it.  
Now back to gacha's LOL, remember I am being selective not stopping, I love the fun of gacha and want to keep it fun not an addiction!  Here is a preview of the new *Bubblefish* leggings coming to the Mad Pea Steampunk Gacha Event opening on March 15th.  

*Bubblefish* Steampunk Leggings RARE  - (March 15th) @ Mad Pea Steampunk Gacha Event
[LDP] Knotted Tank Cream @ [LDP] L'Douce Push Main Store
.tsg. Bite Me Sweater - Black - NEW @ Whore Couture Fair 3

*Bubblefish* Steampunk Leggings

XoXo Glo

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