Monday, 28 April 2014

Story Time with Glo!

Once upon a time in SL...
 Black went for a stroll in the woods, stopping for some photo opps along the way.
She ventured further & further into the woods until she saw a beautiful pond.

Little did Black know, she had stumbled upon the property of Nicki Minaj who was eagerly awaiting her next intruder.  Poor Black was mistaken for another paparazzi.
 Rut oh!
Nicki snuck up behind poor Black...
Shoving her into her pond of pink man(girl) eatting fishies.

Moral: Beware where you wander in SL.  Nicki Minaj just may get you next!

*BUBBLEFISH*  Bubblegum Betty - @ Gotta Gacha Event
On Glo aka Nicki : +Spellbound+ Momo // Spring - @ EB Awareness Event Charity Event!
!Q.B! Appeal~Pink @ Que Bella
On Black: *ARGRACE* Haruka Hair - @ ARGRACE

 *no fishies or avi's were harmed during this story re-creation*

XoXo Glo

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