Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Selfie Madness

So, as a blogger and photo enthusiast, I am a sucker for unique poses.
When Something New shop sent their new Selfie Poses it instantly reminded me
a nightly ritual with my teen & tween neice.  They are selfie addicts and blow up my phone and iPad just about every night with random selfies and crazy photos from 'Photo Booth'.
While most of the photos are just erm gross, it makes me laugh every evening and
makes my day brighter.  If you are a sucker for great poses, be sure to check out Something New shop, its loaded with some unique animations & props for bloggers, photo enthusiasts and those looking for some fun. Here is a little selfie reinactment from my neices, gotta love them! \o/
 Something New~ Selfie 1 NEW @ Something New
*Bubblefish* Slink Shoe Nails - SOON @ The Thrift Shop
XoXo Glo

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