Saturday, 27 December 2014

immaculate conception

One thing about my blog is that it has really become eclectic.  I really am enjoying doing photography more and more and I think that shows if you have been a long time follower. I am
now dabbling in more real world photography thanks to my Christmas gift of a new camera with lenses, filters and all kinds of things for me to make a mess of.  Anyway,  just a quick little thank you for continuing to visit my blog, it's really been a journey with style, creativity, and growth.  SL has really allowed me to explore my creative side and although I am not able to post as much I appreciate all of you who continue to enjoy checking out my little blog and a big thanks to those who pose with me and put up with my crazy whims!  

<Geometry> Luna Maternity Dress > White   @ Geometry MP 

XoXo Glo

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