Saturday, 31 January 2015

Kitty Love

:::LP::: Slit_LooseTank - Hipster NEW @ The Dressing Room Fusion
erratic / cwe - chaise RARE
floorplan. & SigFig. faux taxidermy unicorn / rainbow

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Buyer Beware

It's probably happened to all of us at some point,  a store you have liked and been a fan of for a long time just totally lets you down in a major kind of way.

A few weeks ago I purchased a new skin at a kawaii event that I love.  I am pretty picky with skins, like most of us and really excited to find a new skin I really liked.  Long story short, I wanted the appliers and went to purchase the matching appliers for the skin.  When using the Lola's appliers I had issues and seams showing and left several notecards and offline messages for the creator asking for assistance.  I was ignored and then found the store managers name and contacted her, who was so impolite she could not even bother to speak to me, she sent me a snapshot of a profile pic, showing this applier issue is a big issue for many customers and is at the bottom of the profile pic of the designer.
"Lola Appliers - I am aware my applier textures  do not work with the new Lolas Delicq. An update is being worked on to fix this issue."

Finally a response came from the "manager" after letting her know of my clear dismay of the customer service.  ("CELLULITE glitch".): "First off. the appliers are made for lolas Tangos. If you had taken the time to read not only the vendor but the profile as well I wouldn't have had to reply with a picture."

The implants i wear are called Lolas ::: Tango Delicq ::: Fitted Mesh Breasts,   Lola and Tango are the name of them just an  FYI. Easy to see why there are so many people who think these are the correct appliers since they are still titled Lolas Tango.

Since when is this customer service?   I had no idea that as a consumer we were required to read all of the profile pics of a store creator BEFORE purchasing (since i was told i should have "taken the time to read the profile").  I have also never had an issue with appliers working from the old implants to the new implants.  So, I am trying to be fair here,  clearly Ivy does not care about all the customers who purchased her appliers because she is putting out  new items but unwilling to update these in over a year, which is not the end of the world but obviously many people have purchased the applier and also disappointed that they do not work (its had to be stated in her profile pic so others have the same issue).  It's human nature to think that a skin creator who is making new things will have the appliers for the most popular breasts that have been on the market for OVER A YEAR and not really new, not just outdated implants.  (It has been in the creators profile that an updated would be made for over a year now, there is no excuse here). Being that I don't use the Lola's religiously its really not the end of the world that the appliers don't work but the sad part is how customers are treated.  Perhaps getting rid of the outdated appliers would benefit you, or making a clear sign in the store that the appliers only work for the OLD version of Lola's would be a way to go?  Since the implants out for the past year or so are called LOLA TANGO Deliq, it is natural people would think appliers named "LOLA TANGO" would work.   (Also since I am an avid skin shopper I have not had an issues with any of the lola tango appliers being sold as "lola tango applier" not working with the year old Tango Deliq breasts).  Speaking to someone goes a long way, just even responding to your customers would really go a long way.  Ignoring customers then getting sent a photo without even a hello or a word is certainly not polite or kind.  Shame that because its in Second Life this is an acceptable way to treat customers?  Oh and by the way, you may be told that you will get an updated applier through the redelivery system "when" they are available,  but I have also contacted the store owner previously that the redelivery system does not even work and that was ignore as well.
Moral of the story, losing a few lindens on an applier is not really the end of the world, a little disappointing sure, BUT offending all of your customers is a HUGE deal.  It would have been nice if the designer at least offered a refund but not the end of the world.  The bigger issue... having a business in Second Life  does not make it ok to have subpar customer service, no customer service and no moral compass.  
I for one tend to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume if there is a problem, the creator will care about their customer and 1. respond and 2. want to have the customer happy and be civil, but clearly that is not the case.  So all you shoppers... buyer beware.  Read all before you purchase and apparently read the profile of creators BEFORE you purchase skins from an 'atomically'  uncaring store.  Maybe it is a sign you have been creating in SL too long when simply responding to your customer (and time for new manager) is too much trouble.
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Sunday, 25 January 2015


ASO! Hana ga Saku (Hanging flowers) NEW @ Creators Collection Box
ASO! Hana Bouquet  NEW @ Creators Collection Box
ASO! Glass NEW @ Creators Collection Box
little bones. Birdie - Blondes NEW - SOLD OUT Project Limited
Baiastice_Laurel Lace Top/Dress-Bra-Black NEW @ Collabor88

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Blueberry Erica -Satin Dresses & Pearl Belts - White @ Blueberry MP

Blueberry Kimmy *Mesh* Legwarmers with Sneakers Pink Gray @ Blueberry MP

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Bakery

(AMD) Mistress Skirt Black NEW @ Apple May Designs 
(AMD) Simple Bracers - NEW @ The Mens Dept.
Stickerz Diamond Studs (eyes) @ Stickerz
little bones. Birdie - Blondes NEW @ Project Limited
Cute Poison - Lock Collar NEW @ Project Limited

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Saturday, 10 January 2015


Luas Brianna Rare Dress - NEW @ OMGacha
!NFINITY Sexy-Back Pearls BOX Black Beauty RARE - NEW @ OMGacha

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