Friday, 7 August 2015

Over the River...

And through the woods...
To Gorean land I go.
Thanks so much to the Village of Heimili , who were so kind and welcoming to let
me invade there beautiful Sim for some photos.  
As most of you know, another round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival is about to begin.
Zenith has done it again, I don't think i have ever had a Zenith
item I haven't loved.  This new release is a beauty!

=Zenith=Snowy Discipline Headpiece
=Zenith=Snowy Discipline Shoulder
=Zenith=Snowy Discipline Breastplate B
=Zenith=Snowy Discipline Legging B
ALL items will be available SOON @ The Fantasy Gacha carnival
Opening August 12th, 2015

XoXo Glo

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