Saturday, 21 May 2016

Hi From The New Person Around Here Zoe!

*Peeks in and waves*

Hi *smiles* I'm Zoe Serrari, and LilZoeSerrari, and my dear friend GLo has invited me to occasionally post here on her blog.  These are my two main avis and yes I spend half my time in sl as a five year old.  I'm a self proclaimed second life shopping addict, and photography hobbyist, and I love to share my latest finds.

Big Zoe is in the Spring Cozy Dress (pink) by =Zenith= *FaMESHED Event*
Lil Zoe is in Crazy Cat Girl Dress by Chantilly Lace Boutique,
The kitten is from JIAN - Kitten Collection *FaMESHED Event* &
The chaise and food is Sweet Divan Prop by :: Axix ::, Big Zoe is in one of the eight included poses and Lil Zoe is using her own photo pose *MP* Fairy Sit Poses.

Okay so that's me and hope I can share some great little finds and info with you here.


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